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12 Best Explainer Video Styles for your Business


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You must have come across those videos that explain complex ideas in a simple way. Well, that's what explainer videos are all about!

Let’s take a dive into the world of explainer videos and discuss their types to know how they can help your business.

2D animation: 

It's like watching a story come to life with eye-catching characters! With vibrant visuals and engaging character animation, this explainer video style simplifies complex ideas in a fun yet informative way.

May it be explaining problem statements, showing use cases, telling stories and instructions or simply turning the dull into the delightful, this video style is a perfect choice.

3D animation: 

This explainer video style brings objects, characters, graphic elements and environments to life with realistic textures, lighting, movement and visual depth.

Well, it’s a little heavy on pockets than other animated videos but it sure does make your brand or product stand out!

If you want to take an interesting approach to explaining how your product works, flaunting its awesome features, and even breaking down its components while rotating the elements and highlighting the tiniest details, do not look any further than 3D animation.

Motion Graphics:

Let’s get a little more creative now.

Motion graphics explainer video style combines abstract visuals, sleek designs, and eye-catching animation to explain your product features or benefits with style.

They do a great job in simplifying complex concepts like data science, AIML, blockchain, cyber security or even for explaining corporate processes and information as they don’t have a specific character, just some interesting graphic elements dancing to the music beats.

UI Animation: 

It’s time to turn those boring software product demos and overviews into eye-catching spectacles with custom UI mockups, smooth animation and seamless transitions.

This explainer video style is a serious dose of coolness for your SaaS product that makes your audience more curious to explore your product. From tech giants to startups, this is a go-to for all your SaaS products! 


Ever fought the urge of peeking over someone's shoulder while they explain something on their screen?

Well that's a screencast video! It records the screen while narrating the entire walkthrough of any platform.

It's a perfect approach for creating engaging software tutorials or efficiently demonstrating how to use digital tools.

Kinetic Typography: 

Looking for a quick solution for creating an engaging explainer video that’s not only visually striking but also grabs your audience's attention quickly while delivering your message in a fun way? Kinetic Typography is the answer.

This style brings text to life through dynamically animated movements. It’s perfect for product launch events where there are no sound systems available, and also for stunning & short brand intros.

Live Action: 

These explainer videos feature real people in artificial or natural settings and necessary props to showcase products or services in a real world and their usability in a more relatable and humanized way.

Live action will give you an immersive video that will surely turn the viewing experience more captivating for your audience.

Stock footage: 

This style is speed-dial of video creation!

Using ready-made clips with a dash of motion graphics, you can have a brand video with production-level quality.

It’s just like creating a live action video while keeping your time and budget in check. They are perfect for event promotions, brand story, brand awareness, and everything in between.

White Board Animation:

Whiteboard explainer videos use simple illustrations and a hand-drawn style to break down complex ideas in a simple way while being visually appealing.

It’s ideal if you have informative and educational content and want to turn it into an eye-catching video.

Collage Animation: 

This style is a combination of multiple visual elements, images, some motion graphics and textures that create a visually rich explainer video which turns into a great example of creative expression for simplifying and beautifying complex ideas.

Isometric Style: 

In this explainer video style, we use a unique perspective and geometric shapes to explain ideas in a visually appealing and easy-to-follow manner.

It’s great for illustrating elaborated statistics, explaining complex data science concepts, and captivating viewers with an interesting visual approach.

Mixed Media: 

Why choose just one style when you can have them all?

Mixed media explainer videos are created by blending different techniques, such as live action, animation, motion graphics or you can also come up with your own combination as per your requirements and brand identity to create a visually diverse and engaging experience that keeps viewers hooked from start to finish.

So, are you ready to have an explainer video created exclusively for you that'll make your business stand out?

Whether you go for the vibrant characters of 2D animation, the abstract artwork of motion graphics, or the immersive visual experience of 3D animation, remember this: the possibilities are endless!

So, buckle up, unleash the creativity, and let your business soar with an explainer video that's as unique and remarkable as your product.

Lights, camera, success!

Ruchi Chilamwar
She's a master at simplifying complex ideas and making them relatable and fun. Ruchi is one of our most gifted. With her sharp wit and clever design skills, she'll make sure your message is both understood and enjoyed. She's been known to turn dry subjects into must-see content.
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