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Why a Product Demo Video?

If you have ever used any SaaS app before (you have), then there is a video out there for it . There is a reason companies readily invest millions to produce videos for their apps. 
Videos catch more eyes, ergo, more sales. A product demo video features the product we intend to sell, including its key features and characteristics. These videos are generally short in length and  list everything a customer needs to know before purchasing.

Benifits of having an Product Demo Video

Outlines key product features

Every problem requires a solution, and if your video can address the issues that your SaaS app solves, it will add tremendous value to your marketing campaigns. Engaging people by telling them your product can solve their predicaments is one great way of getting a valuable buyer base.

Saves time and money

A product demo video is accessible to everyone you want to target. It is like having a sales representatives for your product. All it takes is sharing a link to your potential customer. You would save a lot of time and money. And you can reuse these videos every time you get a potential lead.

Storytelling for your product

Imagine selling something as dull as a printer cartridge. People don’t need to see a product demo video for that! However, most people don’t realize that there is always a better product in the market. And it can be yours. So, even if it is a dull printer cartridge, you can make an interesting demo video out of it. All you need is excellent storytelling skills! Or someone who does that already.

Authenticity + Credibility

Consider your app helps with acne outbreak. For its video, you might want to hire someone suffering from this issue. By doing so, more and more people can relate to your video and are inclined to buy your acne app subscription. When you show care and compassion, people find it easier to trust your brand. Add that credibility and authenticity by making a compelling product demo video!

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Types of explainer video

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FAQ’s about SaaS Product Demo Production

What is the difference between Explainer Video and Product Demo?
While an explainer video's main goal is to explain things, a product demo video aims to connect your product or app with the end users. It is more concise than a general explainer video, and talks more about the app itself. It shows people how your app works, and points out its USP (Unique Selling Prepositions).
How much does a product demo video cost?
Cost varies from business to business. There are cheap agencies that can make your videos for a meager rate. But the video quality would suffer a lot. Other agencies charge a lot more than they should but provide a much better video. Very few agencies like ours work as a bridge between those two and provide excellent quality demo videos at many affordable rates.

How much would it cost to produce a 30-second product video?
The cost can be between $1.5k to $10k. It depends heavily on the type of video and manual labor. We respect your business and strive to provide the most accessible and cost-efficient solutions. 

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