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A logo represents your brand visually. It's the one element that makes your target consumers associate with your brand. Most well-known brands like HP, McDonald's, Audi, Mercedes, etc. can be remembered and recognized by their logo. All these brands have put conscious thought and a lot of symbolism in their logos. Needless to say, having it designed from the best logo design company or a professional would have cost them a lot of big bucks (seriously, A LOT).

So if you are a small business owner or probably do not have a big marketing budget, knowing a bit about what a good logo design consists of can help you get the most of what you can put in at the moment.

To start with, you can take a minute to write down/evaluate in your mind,  the emotions that you sell with your products. For eg. A health care brand that sells protein bars isn't just selling protein bars, it is selling the promise of good health at the same time.

Now, these feelings/emotions/ideologies that you sell along with your products & services play a major role in deciding what your logo should look like. Besides, it also determines what colors and fonts would be appropriate for it. Like blue is for positive feelings, red for adventurous, white for grace, etc. Once you're done with this step, you will already have a rough idea of what your ideal logo should look like.

To facilitate you with this subject further, we've covered the 5 essential logo design factors that you should consider during the design process.

1. Originality

The basic rule for any design procedure is originality. All the logos that people find 'creative' are actually quite unique and carry a sense of originality to it. Be real. It's as simple as that, besides it's not. Instead of dwelling for hours on popular company's logo design (inspiration is one thing, taking it to obsession would be going too far) you can learn a little about signs & symbols, icons & indexes and how they influence contemporary culture.

2. The remembrance factor

One of the best logo design principles for a brand is to create something worth remembering. It is usually once that you get the chance of deciding what visually represents the brand forever. Logos like that of Ferrari, Coca Cola, Spotify, etc. have wonderful remembrance factors.

3. Timeliness

The one factor that matters a lot when your product speaks to a specific generation or audience.

Brands like Lakme, Uber, Subway have very timely designed logos that speak to the neo urban culture. It works out pretty well on the shiny billboards in a city street.

This, of course, requires a lot of conceptualization and professional assistance. Consulting the best logo design company to improve this factor is always a good investment. Logos like that of Pepsi, Instagram, etc. keep updating their logo with the generation.

4. Utility

What would a well-designed logo achieve if not used at all? If you have a complex logo that does not go well on your signage or a heavy one that needs most of the space on hoarding to be visible, all the branding effort is rendered useless. Moreover, it should not be underused or overused. Brands like Apple, Benetton, Woodland have utilized their logos very carefully in all of their products.

5. The ability to relate:

Lastly, it's the ability to relate which is the ultimate factor that makes a logo very special. 

Imagine your product having the power of sitting on the shelf and creating a sense of desire in the consumer's mind. With a relatable logo, comes that power. Brands like Instagram, Indigo, Amazon have extremely relatable logos. So when the customers use their service and find it exactly what they expect, it's a delight for them.

Make sure your logo design checks on all these factors and you've unlocked the level one for branding. 

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