We've watched 10,000+ explainer videos, and now use our best insights to skyrocket your video campaigns.


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We have watched around 10,000+ explainer videos and have created 1k+ explainer videos. 🎥

And we’re here to uncover some juicy secrets we've gathered. 

🕵️‍♂️ Hold on to your seats, because we’re about to spill the beans on how to make your brand stand out like a boss! 💥

Laser Focus Wins 🔍

Let's start with the first crucial step: deciding what your video should be about. 

Don't try to squeeze a ton of stuff into one video, that's like trying to fit an elephant in a phone booth! 🐘 

You'll only end up confusing your audience, and we all know that confusion distracts and kills engagement! 

The golden rule: One video. One message. One key take away.

One for Each KPI 🎯

If you want to measure your explainer video's performance with laser precision, give each video a single KPI to focus on. 🎯Don’t hit arrows everywhere, just aim for the bullseye!

Having a clear KPI will help you strategize better, find your weak spots, and allocate your resources wisely.

Simplify & Connect 🧩

Market is changing, and so are the ways explainer videos are made. Gone are days when b2b videos had to appear super serious and full of jargons to impress your audience. 

Today, people want some human touch and emotions in your messaging. A hook to latch on to their hearts.

Try adding a pinch of humour, and watch the magic happen! It always works!

Magic of CTA 💥

Oh, CTAs, the magic buttons that lead your viewers to the promised land! 🌈But not all CTAs are created equal.  

You need to drive the users to meet your immediate targets. Good CTAs drive the audience to your desired place. 

“Visit the website Now” and “Sign-in for a free demo” will surely have different results. 🚀

Got multiple CTAs? Ask your video team to create 2 versions of the video with separate CTAs and see which one wins the CTA showdown! 💪

The most common CTA is “Learn more at website URL”

Say More with Less in Explainer Videos 🤫

After creating 500+ UI driven explainer videos for SaaS, we have realized that many teams make the mistake of creating videos with actual Product UIs. Unless it is a product screencast walkthrough, remember to polish your products. 

Ok, let me explain this. 

Your actual product screens will have many buttons, numbers, widgets, etc. And surely, all of them are valuable. 

we made 1000+ explainer videos

But in video land, screens move fast. Elements are dynamic. And viewers need time to absorb your awesomeness! Hence, minimize the elements in your UI to guide their eyes to where you want them to look and say, “Wow, this is slick!"

When in Doubt, Bifurcate 🔄

Got multiple solutions? And need a brand video too? Don't cram them all into a marathon-length video. 

Instead, create short, snappy videos that cater to specific needs. Your audience will love you for serving bite-sized info that's easy to digest! 🍔

Also, separate explainer videos for each product will help you craft a product specific campaign and analyze its performance easily. 

The most common video range is 60-90 seconds.

No Sudden Jumps 🏇🏻

Your audience would invest 60-120 secs of their life to understand your product. Never switch between features or solutions without communicating one clearly.

May it be a half-cooked food or half explained product, it doesn’t leave a good taste.

Right Beats Matter🎶

This next factor is often overlooked but incredibly vital.

Giving maximum focus to the visualization and animation of the videos, many people forget to pay attention to the music that it needs.

Remember, generic music doesn’t work anymore.

Think about the videos that left a mark on you; they had great music that perfectly matched the theme of the video and elevated your audio-visual experience significantly.

So not just a Hollywood blockbuster, but your marketing or product videos can evoke the right emotions if you play your music card right.

Treat it like a Friend 👥

Never start off by explaining your products.

Imagine your product explainer videos as your viewers’ buddy, who understands and relates with their problems and talks about their struggles. Afterall, we love it when someone understands our troubles. 🤗

So, ditch the corporate tone and be the friendly neighbourhood explainer video! 🏠

Pump Up the Jam 🧪

Got some explainer videos already? And want to do something fun or abstract for the brand video? Don’t stop. Take a leap of faith. 🚀

With people watching tons of videos every day, to be noticeable or even memorable, you have to take that risk. 

That’s where you need a smart and experienced video team. They help you take strategically safe and calculated risk that carves the unique path for you.

Purpose: Your Guiding Star 🎬

Do you want a product demo? Or screen cast? Or kinetic typography? 

What's the best video style for your purpose? 🤔 

Let's not take shots in the dark like blindfolded archers! 🏹 

Understanding purpose will guide you in finding the best approach for your specific goal. 

Need some inspiration?

Check out this blog to know more about Explainer Video Styles, and if you still need a little help in deciding, our video gurus just an email away. :)

🧙‍♂️ Remember, purpose is your guiding North Star!

Optimization: The Hidden Key 🔑

Imagine if Picasso had never reached out to people and showed his painting. Or if the Beatles had decided to keep the music just in their basement.

That’s exactly the case we have found with thousands of explainer videos over the years.
Don’t just upload your video on your website, and expect it to work its magic.

You need to optimize and spread them across various platforms for maximum exposure. When it comes to optimization, here's how to supercharge your ROI:

  • Get a SEO title.
  • Have a proper description of your product or service.
  • Create an attractive thumbnail that highlights the takeaway.
  • Use platform specific hashtags.

Also, if you go the extra mile of investing in promoting your video, you will really see some remarkable boost in your KPIs.💥

Contact us here today to get your Free Video Optimization Strategies.

The Golden Rule 🌟

Finally, let’s take a step back and ask the core questions.

What can an explainer video do that a ppt or image can’t? or why do we even need explainer videos at all? 🤔

Because of their ultimate power to turn complex ideas into simple and captivating stories. 

🧙‍♀️ 🎨 Like Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”, for impactful explainers, explain your most advanced and complex products in the simplest ways possible. 

Add storytelling to the mix, and suddenly the features and USPs turn into a delightful journey in our magical world of products! 🚀 

There you have it. 🎉 Pro-tips to rock your explainer video game and leave your audience begging for more!

All in all, if we had to pick the pearls for you- 

  • Don't’ be boring: Boring is bane. So ban it and take your audience to funland.
  • Stand out: Flaunt your uniqueness. Shine bright like a diamond.
  • Use the right hook: It’s hook, sink, conversion! So polish your hook fine.
  • Get to the point: No beating around. No hide and seek. Say it upfront.
  • Respect attention span: Clear, concise, captivating. Make more videos, not longer!
  • Choose the right style: Your purpose defines your style and the right style will take their breath away.
  • Call-to-action: Steer them in the right direction…Clear, compelling CTAs are the ultimate guide.
  • Invest in videos throughout the sales cycle: Stay basketful. Use them anytime-right from fishing to eating. 

So go forth, create magic, and remember to have a blast along the way! 🌟 Happy video making! 🎥✨

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