Template vs. Custom Videos: which is better for your Brand?


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Sure, templates are lighter on the wallet compared to custom-crafted videos. But, are they bringing the "oomph" factor your brand's gunning for? Strap in as we decode which method packs more punch for your bucks and branding, and where your ROI will thank you.

Nowadays, many people prefer videos over reading. Smart marketers have quickly adapted, using videos to showcase their products. As a result, there are now countless video options available.

Yet, while you might be bursting with ideas, turning them into snazzy videos is another game. Some methods can turn your brainchild into Oscar-worthy clips, while others? Let's just say they might win the Razzie.

Navigating through this labyrinth of options can make one feel like Alice in Videoland. But, by the time you sip your tea at the end of this read, you'll have clarity sharper than Sherlock's.

Comparing Templates and Custom Videos

Before diving into the comparison, let's take a peek at examples from both categories.

A very basic video created using template
A custom made video with illustrative UI

See more examples of template and custom videos here.

Now let's talk about them, in a little detail.

1. Engagement Value

Considering a foray into video? You likely seek:

  • Stellar Sales
  • Mighty Engagement
  • Brand Buzz
  • Fierce Loyalty

Have your goals locked and loaded. Custom videos typically knock it out of the park in terms of engagement.


They're tailor-made to groove to your brand's rhythm.

Think of templates as the pop songs everyone's humming. Remember that oh-so-familiar jingle from every explainer video? Branding calamity awaits.

Your brand's magic lies in its distinct melody. Settling for a generic tune can be akin to brand harakiri. Custom videos, however, groove to your brand's unique beat, solidifying your brand's street cred.

But, hey! If you're a teacher aiming for a quick class clip or targeting Aunt Edna and her knitting club, templates might just be the ticket. Starting out? A template can be your buddy.

2. Production Cost

Venturing into the world of videos, it's essential to keep a keen eye on the budget.

Templates are a favorite among many primarily because of their cost-effectiveness. Think of them as off-the-shelf solutions, like buying a ready-to-wear suit. Tools like Animaker and Doodly make it even more appealing with affordable subscription models.

On the flip side, when you opt for custom videos, it's more like ordering a bespoke suit. There's effort, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, and naturally, the costs reflect that. Agencies can range their prices based on complexity, duration, and expertise required.

3. ETA

Template videos are the Usain Bolts of the video world—quick and efficient. Everything's in place; just switch out text and designs to fit your flavor.

When you are in a hurry, turnaround time often becomes a crucial deciding factor. Template videos have a distinct advantage here. Given that they're essentially plug-and-play, you can have a video ready in a jiffy. It's like picking up at McDonalds - quick and convenient.

Custom videos, however, are more like gourmet dishes. They take time to conceptualize, design, and produce. But the wait often yields a product that's tailored to your exact tastes and needs.

Side Note: If you are in a hurry, and don't want to order in fast food for your guests, you invite a chef to cook for you. And in our case, you hire a professional video agency to create a custom video for you, in a short period of time. Just last month we created an explainer for Zeda.io in a week!

4. Customizations

Flexibility in design can be the difference between a video that's 'meh' and one that 'wows.' Templates, by their very nature, offer a limited playground. You can change certain elements, but there's only so much you can tweak before hitting a wall. It's akin to trying to renovate a pre-furnished apartment.

Custom videos? They're like building a house from the ground up. Every element can be handpicked, every scene can resonate with your brand, and every frame can tell your unique story.

Templates can sometimes feel like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole—limiting. Recognize that design from Canva? So does everyone else. On the flip side, agency-crafted videos are your bespoke suit, fitting just right.

5. Variance

The digital landscape is awash with videos. Standing out is both an art and a science. With templates, you're accessing a common pool. These are designs and styles that, while appealing, have been used (and reused) by many.

It's a bit like attending a party and finding three other people wearing your outfit.

Custom videos, on the other hand, promise originality. Crafted from scratch, they're as unique as fingerprints. They allow your brand to carve its niche, ensuring that when your video plays, it's unmistakably YOU on the screen.

The Tale of the Tape

Template VideosCustom Videos
Pros: Fast, cost-effective, great for solo acts.
Cons: Restrictive, not brand-specific, the "seen-that" factor.
Pros: Unique, limitless creativity, strong branding impact.
Cons: Takes longer, heftier price tag.

The Twist in Our Tale

Consider a third player: a top-tier creative agency. They blend cost-effectiveness with creativity. If you're yearning for a creative hub that gets it just right, give us a ring. We're your brand's fairy godmother, with transparency as our magic wand 🪄.

🙋🏻‍♂️ This is Rees Gargi from What a Story. I trust you've gleaned clarity on the 'template vs custom video' debate. Ready to dive deeper? Hit the link below to chat with our team. We're eager to craft magic with you!

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If you're aiming for unmatched brand power, let us craft a custom video that truly resonates with your audience.

See more examples of template and custom videos here.

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