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Yes, that was the challenge for Ultra’s B2C NFT Marketplace and NFT Collection Launch.

And today, we tell you how we knocked it out of the park!

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What is Ultra.io?

Ultra is the first entertainment ecosystem (Ultraverse) that brings a Game Store, NFT marketplace, Game Tournaments, Live streams in a single, blockchain powered platform to the passionate community of Gamers, Developers, Artists, and Next-Gen Tech Lovers.

In the mid of 2022, Ultra Team reached out to us with a threefold challenge.

- How to create a large-scale brand awareness video campaign?

- How to explain the vast platform of Ultra and promote the NFT collections?

- Everything had to be within a 6-8 weeks timeline.

And all the goals had to be achieved while making it super energetic, fun and futuristic style considering Ultra’s Target Audience.

The need was for a perfect balance of Energy and Messaging.

And what we saw was a perfect opportunity to create a boom!

We assembled our armors and walked in with our experience.

Our series of 5 videos created such an impact for Ultra’s Launch Campaign on various Social Media Platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) that all NFT collections got sold out within minutes of Launch.

Words of our client: (complete testimonial doc here)

Ultra Case Study

Planning and Strategy:

For a tight timeline, the project success tilts on minimizing errors.

And to avoid errors, the mantra is sharp and clear communication with no room for confusion.

In this regard, we were very lucky to work with the Ultra team who were extremely organized, helpful throughout, super quick with their responses, and most importantly completely trusting our creative process.

Solution is in understanding the challenges:

When our Dedicated Creative Director, Kalpajit and Video producer, Ashish started the discussion with Ultra team, we clearly understood the problems they were not able to solve with other marketing collaterals-

- To explain the vast platform of Ultra in a most simplistic and engaging manner.

- Create hype for the super sophisticated NFT Collections.

- To remove all confusion about the transaction journey on the platform.

The videos had to be distributed through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be coherent with the whole social media campaign.

(complete testimonial doc here)

Our Strategies:

After 40 hours of deep research on the platform, the website, target audience, competitors, and revisiting our favorite sci-fi movies, we presented our strategies and concrete ideas of our vision to Ultra team.

Our Target Audience? Well-versed and well-exposed to high-end videos, games, NFT designs, metaverse and crypto content constantly. (this is when everyone from our team wanted to be a part of this project!)

So, we knew in an instant that we had to stand out visually and that music would play a huge role.

This is what we suggested to the Ultra Team-

- One 3D video- To establish the Brand Values and explain platform USPs.

- One 2.5D Stomp video- To showcase user transaction journey and highlight key features.

- Three 30-sec promo videos- One for each of the NFT collections. And they will be repurposed in multiple formats such as GIFs, Reels, Shorts, etc. to build upon the hype.

We planned to connect all the videos with a single visual theme which helps in brand identity and recall.

And the production of all 5 videos would start parallelly.

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Ultra team loved this plan and asked us to start the scripting process immediately.


Just as Strategy is the brain of any video, Script and Storyboard are the heart of it.

Our Creative Director worked with our team of writers to outline a “Vocab Cloud”- this helps in building a script within the familiar context for our target audience.

And here our experience with the NFT and Crypto industry made it a cake walk!

The core emotion of the script- fun and energetic (staying in tune with the core values of the Brand).

Client really loved the conversational nature of the script.

2 quick calls, incorporation of all changes, and we were ready for storyboarding in 10 days.


The treatment for storyboard had to be completely different than the other explainer videos because the goal of the storyboard was to-

  • Recognizable to target audience from the very first look,
  • Convey the messaging with sharp clarity,
  • Keep it super dynamic & energetic,    
  • A connected visual storytelling with seamless transitions.

We thought hard, gave it our all. (We actually had to hold back our horses of imagination at one point.)

And as we always do, we explained the entire storyboard to the Ultra team to convey our ideas and vision.

Such in depth discussion in the storyboarding stage makes the designing and animation process faster, hassle free, devoid of surprise elements and aligned with client vision.

Time taken- 7 days

Total Time left- 41 days

Style Creation:

After a detailed study of Ultra’s visual identity, our design team expressed our vision by creating a few visual themes or styles.

Style frames for 3D explainer video:

Style 1: A darker theme with glowing elements to bring the visual appeal of gamification and excitement.

Style 2: A slightly brighter theme that highlights the brand color more prominently.

Style frames for Stomp video:

Style 1:

Style 2:

Style 3:

Style frames for NFT Collections Promos

We tweaked all the 5 visual styles just enough to keep them aligned under one theme- and yet not make them look like a copy of each other.

Once the style was locked, our designers were ready to throttle for the complete design process.

Time taken- 5 days

Total time left- 36 days

Design board creation:

Designboard creation is where appeal meets strategy. And the entire video visually comes to life for the first time.

Our Creative Director, Illustrators, Animators plan all the meticulous details with the design team. (Also because it’s too much fun)

And with the involvement of animators, every transition is planned beforehand because each design frame is a part of the larger picture!

Design frames for 3D explainer.

Design frames for Stomp Explainer:

Design frames for NFT Collections Promos:

Just like at every step of our process, we never move ahead until our client is happy. But with a detailed storyboard and clear stylescape, feedback in the design was bare minimum. (Rather the ultra team was getting more confident).

Time taken- 12 days

Total time left- 24 days

Voice Over and Music

For a project such as Ultra, music and voice over carries a lot of gravity.

The reason- we were appealing to an audience with strong music sense, and just as we did for scripting, it was very crucial to bring the right sonic power and auditory context.

Only for our 3D video, we had a voice over.

Our client selected from our pool of the best international artists.

With the guidance of our creative director, the artist was able to meet the desired conversational tone. Just pitch perfect!

And we kept our hunt on the impactful music options.

*No extra time required as this runs in parallel with the style and design creation.

Animation Stage

Once design frames were finalized, it was time to rock and roll everything into motion.

Although many believe that animation is about complicated effects, we always found our golden spot in smooth transitions, right motion to express brand emotion and a pace that hooks the audience throughout.

After all, without delivering the message, effects are pretty much useless!

We went through rounds of trials and experimentations, and did a lot of tango to match the perfect beats for the animation.

And one perfect evening (probably at around 12-1 am & after a lot of coffee), we found the perfect music. Our Eureka moment!

And the challenge was to repeat this for the rest of the 4 videos.

But nevertheless, those gleams on our client’s faces were signs that we had achieved something amazing.

Time Taken- 20 days for 3D video, 10-15 days for 2D videos

Still had 4 days for 3D video and 7-8 days left for 2D videos- to add our final touch ups or any last moment client requirements.

This is what a dedicated & punctual team, sharp eyes on project management and crystal clear communication can achieve!

Final Results:

Watch the 3D Explainer Video below:

Watch the NFT Marketplace Launch Stomp Video below:

Watch the NFT collection videos below: 

Ultra's Power Video

Galaxy Droidz Video

Elemental Soul Video

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Exceptional Results.

We’re head over heels to know the videos are checking all key metrics for the Ultra team.

We’re really excited to know how after months the videos are still bringing Ultra team ROI and helping in increasing conversion.

And due to such an incredible and fast expansion, Ultra team decided to create a whole series of videos with us (under production now), and we can’t wait to bring them to you!

The comments on the video and from the Ultra community members really felt like the perfect summer drink!

What are you waiting for? Give us a call. Your audience is out there, waiting for an impactful video.

Check out more case studies- let us know if you want to work with us.

The team behind the story:

Kalpajit- Creative Director

Ashish- Video Producer

Yogendra- Lead Designer

Shailendra- Lead Designer and Animator

Vikas Dubey- Lead 3D Designer and Animator

Hritual- 3D Animator

Balraj- Designer

Parth- Animator

Amit- Designer, Animator

Sriram- Project Manager

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