Unlocking the Benefits of Explainer Videos: 10 Ways They Can Bring Success to Your Company


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How much of your time do you spend watching videos? Compare that to the time you invest in reading. Maybe you're an avid reader. But if you're like 97% of the people, then videos command a good amount of your time.

Savvy marketers leverage this well-known fact. They invest heavily and inclusively in video production and marketing. And in return, they earn valuable clients, incredible ROI, and higher brand value.

Today we'll talk about ten of the many benefits of explainer videos. And why your business needs these types of videos to grow tremendously and leave their mark.

But before we begin, make sure you have complete confidence in your products or services. If a product is not adequate, explainer videos will do little good.

That being said, let's find out how explainer videos can get you unmeasurable success and incredible returns on investments.

Rank better in Google

When was the last time you visited a website which had no videos?

Text is boring, and Google knows that. That's why they rank webpage with videos higher than those with none.

And guess what, explainer videos have the best chance to keep viewers engaged. And Google considers that as the biggest factor in ranking.

The quality of your explainer is directly proportional to the traffic you can get.

Search engines prefer to list video content on top simply because users like them.

For the sake of a good UX.

Grab attention

benefits of explainer videos

Good SEO means good traffic. But will that increase your sales (or conversions, speaking broadly)?

It will if you can grab their attention.

And explainer videos grab attention faster than LeBron James grabs his balls. Basketballs.

Explainer videos with catchy thumbnails are more likely to get a click.

And once you have that click, you gain a prospect who could later convert into a lead and, ultimately – your customer.

Stand out in crowd

Provide a unique value proposition and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Many of your competitors have not benefited from explainer videos. So the potential of returns is higher than ever.

But not so long.

Explainer videos are getting popular by the day, so benefit from this opportunity and tap into the market.

Impress potential buyers towards an endless ROI.

Simplify complicated things

Imagine reading a paper from Einstein's theory of relativity.

How many people do you think can understand the entire paper word-by-word?

What if Neil deGrasse Tyson agrees to explain that to you?

Wonderful! But how much of it you will still understand or remember?

Now imagine if there was an explainer video describing Einstein theory to non science savvy people.

Which of the said three options would you prefer?

Videos can make complex topics easy to understand and memorable (if done right).

Imagine what it can do for your company.

Don't frustrate your audience with an overly complicated concept or technical jargon. Get an explainer video.

Connect and build a relationship

Explainer videos can help you get more visitors and keep them interested.

But to create a loyal consumer base, your brand needs to form a connection with people. And subsequently, develop your own audience.

If people see that your business is useful to them, they'll stick around.

Explainer videos bring out a human connection. With creative scripts, voice over, customizations and music we strengthen the viewing experience for your viewers.

Makes you interesting

Videos make your brand interesting to a potential customer (or people in general).

It shows people that you're adapting to the pacing world. It is becoming the new "professionalism" trait in the business world.

Your videos can be humorous or serious. And as long as these videos are not dull, you're okay.

Makes your content memorable

Do you remember the Binomial Distributing you studied in high school?

Probably not. But do you remember the last scene of Terminator 3, when T-101 dies heroically to save John Connor?

Yes, videos are memorable.

Explainer videos help viewers to form a memorable impression about your brand in their hearts.

It helps to build trust and credentials. And ultimately – sales.

Socially shareable

Would you mind sharing this article with your associates and friends?


What if we create a video about it. Would that become easier for you to share?

Every now and then, we come across some interesting videos which can be shared and saved effortlessly.

All you have to do is press a button.

Text content is hard to share because you have to manually select, copy and paste the content. It is hard work.

Yes Karen, you can also share links, but it is not a clean experience.

Platforms like WhatsApp and Twitter open links (of articles) in a browser / new tab.

But open videos in a beautiful UI.

It creates a better UX, and CTR(click-through rate) for your content.

Increase conversion rate

Every benefit you've read so far – leads to higher conversion.

But it doesn't end here.

Your primary goal is to help a potential customer suffering from a particular problem.

And your solution can benefit them. And when they do, your business benefits from it.

If you have faith in your business, then have faith in explainer videos as well.

Appeal to mobile users

In 2021, more than 93% of Internet users prefer to browse through a mobile phone.

"With small screen size, comes great responsibilities," - Uncle Ben.

It's easier to watch a video than to read large portions of text. More so in a mobile device.

Because the size of the "viewport" or the magical window we call "screen" through which we experience the Internet – is just too small.

So for the sake of your target audience, hire an agency to create your explainer videos already!

Help you form a brand

Explainer videos make it easier for people to associate 'your' content with 'you.'

It helps you create a distinct style that separates you from the crowd. When your business becomes recognizable, it becomes a brand.

And each brand has its own story. Convey that with explainers!

Invest in Explainer videos and enjoy the flourishing business you always dreamt of.


Why are explainer videos effective?

People love explainer videos. They are short, concise, and enjoyable.

And at the same time, they feature valuable knowledge.

Our brains process visual information better than text. And that makes explainer videos a blessing of modern technology.

How do explainer videos help businesses?

The first goal of any good company or business is to solve a problem (or many). Otherwise, it just can't survive.

And solving problems is meaningless if you don't have customers looking for help. And to get those customers, you need effective marketing and advertisement.

Explainer videos have become a vital tool in marketing. One can say that they are the ace in the deck of any savvy marketer (or brand).

What companies need explainer videos?

Any company that is selling something needs explainer videos. Now you could be selling products or services of others as an affiliate or a piggyback rider. But that can still benefit from some good explainers.

Landing pages in 2021 feels empty and funny without an explainer video in it.

Feature your products and services in explainers. Over 87% of decision-makers already did. With no regrets!

What companies do not need explainer videos?

If you're selling recreational drugs or anything else illegal, it is a good idea to stay under the radar. You might end up in prison otherwise.

And if you are not a drug dealer, explainer videos from a reputable agency can help your business take off to cloud nine.

Why are animated videos important for business?

Explainer videos are sharable, enjoyable, and adorable. These concise bits of educational videos can help people understand your business and make your brand recognizable.

We, as consumers, like to buy from someone we can trust. Explainer videos help build the foundation for that trust.

And besides, they can provide excellent value to your viewers. And give them a good reason to return to your website or social media page.

Is story-telling important in explainer videos?

Yes. Effective marketing is done by creative story-telling. A good story can make a mediocre film into an inspirational one.

It separates Christopher Nolan's Interstellar from Mission Mangal (eww).

It doesn't have to be dramatic, but it should be able to connect with the pain points of your potential customer.

How effective are explainer videos?

More effective than Kardashians on Instagram.

Just stating the facts. Kim-K-West has an influence of less than 2% on Instagram with around 255 Million followers.
Out of those 255 Million followers, 44% are fake accounts.

Explainer videos, on the other hand, interest and influence over 90% of Instagram. 3 out of 4 people are more likely to buy your product if you use an explainer video.

Don't fall behind. Power up your business with incredible explainer videos.

There are many ways to create videos, and we can help you choose the one that works best. Schedule a free call with us today.

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