Can ChatGPT create an advertisement for you? 


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Introducing ChatGPT, an innovative AI language model capable of crafting compelling advertisements. With its vast knowledge and creative abilities, ChatGPT can generate engaging ad copy, captivating headlines, and persuasive marketing messages to help businesses stand out in today's competitive market. Let ChatGPT be your AI-powered partner in driving brand awareness and boosting conversions. 

Wait a minute, isn’t this introduction a little too generic? Well, you won’t be surprised to know that these 3 lines are what I got after giving the infamous ChatGPT the prompt “Can ChatGPT create an advertisement for me?

With times changing rapidly, users around the world are using AI to ease their load of work. From engineering to business to numerous other fields of work, ChatGPT is proving to be tremendously useful. Does this mean that industries can completely rely on it for all their work? There are two sides to this coin that people fail to notice.

As you read this article, you might be looking for the answer to whether you can get an ad-copy for your company seamlessly. I can assure you that you will get your answer, but it might be a little different from your expectations.  While ChatGPT can provide you with assistance in a matter of seconds, it definitely can’t do one thing. It is not a substitute for human creativity.

Think of it like a cheat sheet for all your problems. What's the catch? It can only help you to a certain level. Beyond that, it is all downhill (for most people).

Advertising is a field where ideas can transcend and bloom into some of the finest pieces of content there is. While you can use ChatGPT to generate scripts, create lines of copy, or make brand strategies, nothing can replace that random idea that clicks at 2 AM when you can’t sleep. After all, the billion-dollar company Airbnb reached heights with the simple creative idea of two flatmates looking to make ends meet by renting out their apartment loft to designers.

Ryan Reynolds' ad campaign for Mint Mobile

Let’s take the example of the video above. Sure, the script generated by ChatGPT met the criteria of what he had asked for but let’s talk about the real genius at hand, human creativity. The idea of creating a video where they leverage the trending ChatGPT to get people to click on the video proves that human intelligence trumps artificial intelligence.

If we saw a video by Ryan promoting Mint Mobile by reading out what ChatGPT had said, it may have been funny but nonetheless nothing out of the ordinary.

Comments like “The fact that this is still literally an AD that people choose to watch on YouTube just shows the genius of Ryan Reynolds” shows that their creativity is what translated to people more than the actual use of ChatGPT in the ad.

One cannot deny that it is impressive how the AI tool generated a personalized script but making use of this opportunity to create something better is what takes the cake. 

Let’s take another example of brands leveraging ChatGPT in a clever way.

We all know the long-standing rivalry between Burger King vs McDonald's.  Their quips at each other remain entertaining and always remain amusing.  Take a look at the below image as it is the perfect example of fighting for market share using generative AI. The cherry on top is how Subway enters into the picture stealing away the limelight from both these brands.

can chatgpt create advertisement

Though it was McDonald’s who began the trend, other two food giants were quick to swoop in and gain a competitive advantage. That is something ChatGPT could not account for. (Or doesn't it? Let us know).

At the end of the day, ChatGPT is a bunch of code. You will be able to get your step-by-step on how to create an advertisement. You can create an entire script with the themes you like and the ideas you feed into it.

But can it really replace a team of bright-minded individuals brainstorming for hours together to come up with something no Language model can cook up?

Now that is creativity. So let’s trace back to when I assured you that you would have the answer to your question. Do you want quality advertising that stands apart from the rest? In that case, You don’t have to resort to ChatGPT because What a Story is here to help you out.

We might not be as fast as ChatGPT, but we are effective, solid, result-oriented, and trust me - smarter than any AI one can ever fathom.

Do you want to struggle to just get by using your cheat sheet or do you want to be at the top of your class with the best content? The choice is yours. 

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