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Why a Commercial Video?

Are you looking to extend your reach and attract more customers? Commercial videos are one way to do it, and the best-selling brands have been doing it for decades.

You don’t need to produce a 10-minute long descriptive video telling the crowd what it is that you’re selling. A compelling 30-seconds video is more than enough to capture eyes and engage minds.

Usually, these videos are made to advertise your business to the mass audience.

Make sure people see your brand.

You’ve seen commercial videos all your life. Every time a TV show takes a break or a YouTube video plays– you see commercial videos. The key is to hook the viewers before the commercial even mentions what you’re selling. Creativity and a good script are at work here.

Commercial videos are like kiosk employees. People don’t visit the mall to buy from them, but check out their products if they look interesting. It’s the job of commercial video to make your product look good. Does your product make their lives easier and better? Answer them with a video.
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How does an excellent commercial video help your business?

It creates brand awareness.

It’s easier to trust a brand that you have heard of before. No one buys from Jack Newbie. Commercial videos make people aware of your brand. For years, brands have been using mediums like newspapers, TV and radio. You can tell people about your new range of designer clothes, or a unique boutique near their office. You’re the trendsetter!

It builds up brand authenticity.

It’s easier to remember a logo than the name of a brand. And it is easier to sell your product when the buyer remembers and recognizes your logo. Brand authenticity takes time, and advertising with commercial videos is one way to boost the process. Think of it as a way to let people know your authority over the niche in which you’re selling.

It provides a great ROI.

51% of marketing experts claim that commercial videos have helped them generate a good base ROI. The rest of the 49% probably hired Jack Newbie. Just broadcasting a slideshow containing your products’ images is better than handing out your outlet’s pamphlets. Imagine what an attractive commercial video can do for your business.

People share videos.

It’s easy to share a video. If you send an article link to someone (try it!), most people will ignore it. We, as a human breed, seek preview. Everyone tests the water first before diving. And it’s easier to preview a video. And if someone likes your brand and finds your products or services worth a while, they will surely share it.

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Commercial Video Production FAQs

How much does a 3-minute Commercial video cost?
It depends on various factors like:
a) Equipment and hardware in use
b) Actors and support crew
c) Pre-production (writing, storyboard and design board)
d) Production (camera and lights crew, sound engineers, and so on)
e) Post-production (video editing, VFX and animation, and sound mixing)
Add voice-over costs as well for a narrative video. Making a commercial video was never cheap. But it can be cost-effective and have a great value at the same time.

What makes a good commercial?
A great video has incredible storytelling. And how do we get incredible storytelling? With an engaging script, high-quality gears, recording sets, and hours and days of editing. And like any other video, the direction can make or break the video from its context. But the most important thing is your services and products. Do you think your brand deserves an awesome commercial video?
How many takes does it typically take to film a commercial?
As many as it takes, we cannot confine and compromise quality by limiting the number of takes. But in most cases, an average of 3-4 takes are required to shoot a small scene.
How many takes does it typically take to film a commercial?
As many as it takes, we cannot confine and compromise quality by limiting the number of takes. But in most cases, an average of 3-4 takes are required to shoot a small scene.
How do I know if commercial video production is beneficial for my specific business?
You get a free one-on-one consultation with the industry experts. Why don’t you give it a try? Click here to book your free consultation!

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