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Create memorable video ads that leaves an everlasting effect

With a great story comes a great response. What a Story goes above and beyond with your brand video, creating a narrative that evokes deep emotions.
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5 star reviews - what a story
5 star reviews - what a story
5 star reviews - what a story
5 star reviews - what a story
5 star reviews - what a story
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Worldclass  Animation.

▸ Quality that sets you apart from the competition.
▸ Fueled by premium design and animation, What a Story strives to deliver the best experience for you.
▸ We manage the entire process. And a dedicated Creative Director makes sure you get a unique and amazing final video for your audience.

TV spots, YouTube pre-roll ads, and marketing campaigns

Create buzz

Engage viewers with captivating storytelling that motivates them to talk about your brand.
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High returns

Commercial ads are like high yield mutual funds. But without any risk with What a Story.
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Get more action

Commercial ads are proven to humanize your brand resulting in more trust (and clicks).
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Commercial ads we delivered...

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Videos that win hearts

1. Superb onboarding:  we will listen to your goals and requirements, explore your market, competitors and possibilities.
2. Dedicated Creative Director: you will get a product manager and a dedicated creative director working towards a worry-free production.
3. No Compromises: you video will get the best treatment from our creative teams. No compromises. Ever.
4. Communication: Our team is trained for excellent communication. They are with you, every step in the journey. 
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Clients love the attractive and informative products. What a Story always delivers on time, keeps the internal team informed, and maintains an efficient, productive workflow. Their transparent communication and flexible approach have built a trusting, long-term partnership.
Pritha Ray, Executive Producer, Raasta Studios5 star reviews - what a story

Talking about the Impact 🔥

Meg Bhojwani
Senior Growth Manager, KukuFM
They did not hold back in anything! From location scouting and casting actors to editing and voice over, they did a phenomenal job.
S Raja
Director, Hearzap
They are creative people, smartly working together to deliver excellent videos. I found them through a friend, and would recommend them to my other friends.
Gary Borg
Founder, Chatterborg
What a video! What a Story! It was a great experience for me. The final video got me goosebumps. It is our best sales material.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to create a commercial ad?
It all starts with a concept. Our scriptwriters will provide you sample concepts unique to your brand or product. And once you finalize that concept with your dedicated creative director, our team will jump into action for location scouting, casting, pre-production preparation and screenplay. We will then live-shoot on the selected days, with latest cameras and technologies. After shoot we will celebrate with the crew and begin our post-production process before delivering your video.
How to plan a commercial ad?
First, find the agency that has the ability to deliver the desired video without any surprises. If you hire us for your video, our experts will guide you through the process starting right from conceptualization. By executing multiple processes simultaneously, we achieve the fastest delivery in the industry.

You can read this guide to find the perfect agency.
Do you offer any discounts if I order more than one video?
Yes we do.

Infact, ordering multiple videos at once can lower your production expenses by upto 10 times!
Talk to our video producers to learn how!

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