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Why a Corporate Video?

You need a way to let people know that you're there and they should do business with you. Not many of them will reach out to you automatically just because you sell something. You need a strategy. That's where corporate videos come in.

Of course, customer retention depends crucially on the quality of that ice cream (your product). Still, you have to give your customers a chance to check the quality of your product or service in the first place.

You need a way to let people know that you're there and they should do business with you. Not many of them will reach out to you automatically just because you sell something. You need a strategy. That's where corporate videos come in.

How does an excellent corporate video help your business?

Brand Awareness

Why do most people prefer watching a movie rather than reading a book? Because a motion picture helps create a strong emotional response and a connection.
Videos, unlike any other medium, can induce a strong feeling, almost in anyone. Leverage this to create a corporate video that leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Engage your targeted viewers and invoke powerful emotions.

More Traffic

Video drives in about 75% of all internet traffic. How is that important, you asked? Read it like this: If you have a corporate video, there is a good chance you will get three times the traffic you’d usually get. Which eventually means more sales. And videos are everywhere. Web Giants like Facebook and Google put video content on top of their search list.

Better Seo

Google loves videos. If you’ve been in the marketing process, you already know how important videos are. Google will make sure you appear in search results more than your competitors (if you have a corporate video). Corporate videos can help define your cornerstone page (which embeds the video) and help Google (or any search engine) understand how to optimize your business online.

Empower CTA

There is no better call to action on the web than the play button. When a potential client stumbles upon your video, they might have questions about your brand, or maybe they are interested in your product or service. Either way, they need a way to connect with you instantly after watching your video. That’s the whole point of creating a corporate video in the first place. You want actions! Not just views.

Clear Brand Values

A corporate video is a great way to explain your company’s objectives to your clients. Think it like this: how often have you checked out a business as a customer through a video? Corporate videos are just the right tool to entertain your potential clients with the correct information to get them rolling with you. You lose most leads because they can’t follow what exactly your brand mission is.

Tremendous ROI

When a viewer adjusts their needs and pain points with your brand and message, they become your customer. Corporate videos deliver on your investments. If you ask any successful entrepreneur, they will tell you the same.
It is simply a tremendous ROI model in marketing today. To learn more about increasing your ROI, reach out to us today!

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Types of explainer video

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FAQ’s about Corporate Video Production

What is a corporate video used for?
The most common use of corporate videos is to drive sales and raise brand awareness.
But you can get creative with its use. You can use corporate videos to engage with your audience, increasing followers and subsequently improving your credibility. Depending on the marketing strategy, there are various ways to employ corporate videos in your business.

How much does an animated business video cost?
Depending on the duration, style, and complexity of the video, the cost can vary.
To get a personalized quote, it’s always better to be transparent with the video production company about your video and budget. At Whatastory, we provide a free consultation to help you understand your video goals and ways to meet them.
How long does the process take?
It can take a week. Or several. It entirely depends on the complexity and length of the video. A good video production company will determine the duration of the project completion for you. Always be transparent about your needs beforehand to avoid any later surprises. Communication is essential for faster and more effective production.
Live-Action Vs. Animation. Which Works Best For Your Corporate Video?
Most people engage easily to animated videos, and to your relief, they cost less than a Live-action video. However, with Live-action films, people can relate more with the characters. Ask yourself, what do children prefer? Being simple-minded creatures, children grow proverbial wings when they watch cartoons and animated videos, flying north and wild in their imaginations. We want our potential customers to feel that kind of enjoyment when they watch our videos. On the other hand, Live-action films, if made right, can be more personal and practical. We at Whatastory would help you make the final call.

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