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🚀 Skyrocket your homepage conversions and impress your audience. SaaS videos saves your from boring sales pitches and unlock your brand's potential.
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5 star reviews - what a story
5 star reviews - what a story
5 star reviews - what a story
5 star reviews - what a story
5 star reviews - what a story
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Unmatched Quality.

▸ We will simplify your SaaS for your customers.
▸ Our tech savvy team will understand your product, research your market, and create strategies that delivers.
▸ We will manage the entire process. And a dedicated Creative Director will craft a unique and amazing final video for your audience.

Level up your marketing game

Your Best Salesperson

Explainer Video is like a permanent sales person for your product. Just share the link, and it will sell like Jordan Belfort.
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Beat the competition and stand-out in the crowd with an animated video. Showcasing your product has never been easier.
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Build trust and interest among your users. Explainer videos simplify things for them, encouraging them to take action.
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Our process is tailored for SaaS

1. Superb onboarding:  we will talk about your product, explore your market, competitors and possibilities.
2. Dedicated Creative Director: you will get a dedicated product manager and a creative director working towards a worry-free production.
3. In-house Creativity: your SaaS will get the best treatment from our creative teams. No compromises. Ever.
4. Tech Savvy: We have special teams for SaaS product videos, led by industry experts.
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The project met all our expectations and helped us spread awareness on cybersecurity among our target groups. The developed video was well-received by our internal management, prospective clients, and stakeholders.
Emilia Banea, Head of Content, OutThink.io5 star reviews - what a story

Let's talk about results

ian testimonial
Ian Hutchinson
VP of Sales, Duplocloud
What a Story simplified our complex SaaS (cloud infrastructure) with a video and adapted to last-minute changes flawlessly.
martin testimonial
Martin Reinertsen
Founder, Octopro
Phenomenal experience. Loved the video & communication was great. Will recommend WAS to all the entrepreneurs.
sergiu testimonial
Sergiu Cazac
CEO, Personizely
We were very picky of video companies. What a Story came top notch in every aspect. Very proud of our final video.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Explainer Video and Product Demo?
While an explainer video's main goal is to explain things, a product demo video aims to connect your product or app with the end users. It is more concise than a general explainer video, and talks more about the app itself. It shows people how your app works, and points out its USP (Unique Selling Points).
How much does a product demo video cost?
Cost varies from business to business. There are cheap agencies that can make your videos for a meager rate. But the video quality would suffer a lot. Other agencies charge a lot more than they should but provide a much better video. Very few agencies like ours work as a bridge between those two and provide excellent quality demo videos at much affordable rates.

How much would it cost to produce a 30-second product video?
The cost can be between $1.5k to $10k. It depends heavily on the type of video and manual labor. We respect your business and strive to provide the most accessible and cost-efficient solutions. 

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