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A testimonial video features your former client praising your services or product. It confers trust in your potential clients and converts your leads into sales.

Whenever a potential buyer is browsing through services like yours, a compelling testimonial video can attract them to your brand and the services it provides. People don't trust companies they have never bought from before. But they trust other people and are inclined to buy something when someone else asks them to – even in a video.

Benefits of having a Testimonial Video

Build Trust & Credibility

The first and foremost reason for using customer testimonial videos must be to set trust among your potential buyers. People are more likely to believe users like themselves than to trust a seller. If you believe that your product can solve people's problems, testimonial videos can provide tremendous growth.

Connect emotionally

Every good company wants their customer to know that other people have used their services before and are well satisfied. Video testimonials take this approach a level further. What written testimonials fail to deliver are conveyed on the video testimonials. It portrays facial expressions, tone, and emotions.

Humanize your brand

One of the most significant issues we all face as online buyers is the lack of human-to-human interaction. All we see are a bunch of products with a price tag and a list of features. It is hard to trust, let alone buy the item. As a customer, we all need assurance. As a seller, we need to provide that assurance to our customers.

Brand Development

Testimonials videos are excellent to create your brand image and provide more exposure to unchartered territories you were unsure of expanding into before. Exposure means more customer reach, meaning more leads and hence, more sales. Learn more in the FAQs section below.

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FAQ’s about Video Production

What makes a good video testimonial?
Professional equipment, an expert film-making crew, and experienced video editors help the video stand out and make your clients happy.
The personal touch of the testimonial giver is the icing on the cake.
How long should a video testimonial be?
Testimonial videos can vary in length. If it features many actors (clients), it can be as long as five minutes. But in most scenarios, it generally is one minute at most.
What's the Psychology behind Testimonial Videos?
Someone talking about the product you want to sell in a video attached to that product page gives your clients a better chance to build up trust in that product. They are listening and watching that person who benefited from you. And the viewers (potential customers) would want to benefit from you as well.

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