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Humanize your product with videos from real people.

Companies rely on What a Story to create their product demos and explainer videos. We also specialize in customized appsumo-like videos too! with real actors, binge-worthy scriptwriting and beautiful sets.
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5 star reviews - what a story
5 star reviews - what a story
5 star reviews - what a story
5 star reviews - what a story
5 star reviews - what a story
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spokesperson videos by what a story

Powerful content on a cent

▸ High-definition videos with superior sound and visual quality.
▸ Charismatic spokespersons who effectively communicate your message.
▸ Ideal for website introductions, product demonstrations, or social media campaigns.

What a Spokesperson video can do for you

Plug and play

We turn your information into a series of spokesperson videos. They are fun to watch, easy to understand and worth to share.
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Repurpose your long videos

We help your marketing teams convert their hour long webinars into short videos. No one will skip through them now.
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Grow organically

Convert your blogs into videos, and grow your organic reach by effectively repurposing your high-performing content.
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Videos we created...

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Our process is tailored for you

1. Understanding Your Needs: We start by learning about your brand, objectives, and target audience.
2. Scriptwriting: Our creative team crafts a compelling script that reflects your message.
3. Casting & Set Selection: We let you choose an actor or spokesperson and the background set/stage that best represents your brand's tone and style.
4. Production: Filming with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality.
5. Post-Production: Editing, sound mixing, and visual effects to enhance the final product.
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The project met all our expectations and helped us spread awareness on cybersecurity among our target groups. The developed video was well-received by our internal management, prospective clients, and stakeholders.
Emilia Banea, Head of Content, OutThink.io5 star reviews - what a story

Let's talk about results

ian testimonial
Ian Hutchinson
VP of Sales, Duplocloud
What a Story simplified our complex SaaS (cloud infrastructure) with a video and adapted to last-minute changes flawlessly.
martin testimonial
Martin Reinertsen
Founder, Octopro
Phenomenal experience. Loved the video & communication was great. Will recommend WAS to all the entrepreneurs.
sergiu testimonial
Sergiu Cazac
CEO, Personizely
We were very picky of video companies. What a Story came top notch in every aspect. Very proud of our final video.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 5-minute spokesperson video cost?

Our pricing is based on the actor you choose, the set you need, and the level of editing and resources required. But rest assured, we quote a transparent and fixed price before starting each project so that you can sleep worry-free.

For a detailed dive into pricing, talk to us directly and get a customized quote in 6 hours or less.


How much time does it take to make a spokesperson video?

Video production agencies typically take about 6-10 weeks to produce videos like these. However, thanks to our efficient processes and experienced teams, including actors, set designers, cinematographers and editors, we can bring your videos to life in less than 15 days.

Do you provide discounts for bulk videos?

Our pricing reflects the effort involved in video production. Ordering videos in bulk reduces overall effort, streamlines resource management, and even secures discounts from our actors. Therefore, we offer significant discounts for bulk orders. For specific discount details, please consult with our video production team.

What kind of videos do you make (and not make)?

We make: Product videos, onboarding videos, testimonial videos, appsumo-like spokesperson videos, commercial ads, explainer videos and a wide array of other videos businesses can use to climb the ladder of success.

We don't make wedding shoots (unless you are a friend).

Can I design my own set?

It is your video, it should be the way you want it to be. Although we have product specialized art designers, the final set decision is yours. However it is limited to the props we have. Renting more props can incur more charge.

Based on the budget, we can design a set that’s completely unique and exclusive to you.

What information do you need from me to get started?

To hit the ground running, our Communications Manager and production squad need a few essentials:

Project Goals: A crisp outline of what you aim to achieve with the video.
Target Audience & Channels: Who you're targeting and where you'll share the video.
Deliverables: Specs like cut-downs, aspect ratios, and any localizations.
Timeline: When you need the masterpiece by.
Budget: Your financial comfort zone.
Scope: If you need multiple videos, let us know the range of services you're eyeing.

Got questions about style? Your dedicated video producer has you covered.

Ready to grow your business with explainer videos?