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What exactly is an explainer video?

It's a creative video that connects with your audience and explains why your brand can make their lives easier.
It can be educational, like one of those personality development videos we often find on social media.

Or you can use them for brand awareness, boosting sales, and conversions.
Explainer videos are straightforward. They are easy to watch and address their target customers' pain points directly.

Why an explainer video?

A few years after a startup established its business, it was at its wit's ends. They could not convert their visitors into their buyers and were grasping at straws to sustain digitally. Their products were good, but people were not aware. And no one likes to buy things they don't understand.

The toner selling business boomed when they hired a team to create some videos about their products. After releasing the enjoyable and easy-to-understand videos, they managed to form a strong brand bond with their customers, making business more manageable and generating a tremendous amount of revenue within a fiscal year.

Benefits of having an Explainer Video

Gets attention

We human beings in the 21st century are programmed to watch content in video format. It’s common knowledge that viewers seek out the video first if they need something explained. And our modern web is structured in a way that video content gets more attention anyway.

Boosts conversions

Dropbox spent $50k on one explainer video, resulting in over $24M revenue and over 5 million new customers. Since videos play a pivotal role in marketing nowadays, hiring a team of VP experts can take your business even further than you can anticipate.

Better SEO

People tend to click on thumbnails more than text links. If you have an explainer video next to your call-to-action, people will click the button as much as 75% more. Sales are proportional to the right traffic, which you would get if you have good SEO.

People share videos

More than 70% of Internet users are watching videos online. And video content is ridiculously easy to share. More so than text or images. And Shared content means free traffic. Since explainer videos are often solution-oriented, they obtain more attention and interest from the viewers.

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Types of explainer video

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FAQ’s about Explainer Video Production

How long does it take to produce an explainer video?
Time depends on multiple factors, including; the type of video, duration, the complexity of the business, and the number of decisions involved. Generally, for a 60-seconds 2D video requires 4 to 6 weeks. Same for 3D requires 8-10 weeks.

Why Are Explainer Videos So Popular Now?
The online world is chaotic and burdened with overwhelming information. People are confused about the products and services that can benefit them. They are looking for proper "explanations" that can motivate them to invest in problem-solvers.
Explainer videos are just the perfect tool to clear the doubts and clean the proverbial mud from their minds.
Do you offer any discounts if I order more than one video?
Of course!

As a business, we want to craft more and more videos for our dear clients. To cut through the competition, you might need more than one explainer video. We have solutions for every budget, and we would cover a decent discount if you bulk-order.
Just remember: No matter who produces the video, it takes time and resources. 

Significant price reductions could be made if the five-minute video is broke up into several shorter videos. A series of 5 one minute videos produced all in a half-day could be done for lesser cost than a combined video of five minutes.
Quality video production comes with a seemingly high price tag, but how much is your professional image worth to you? Answer: For sure it is More than $1500 per video.

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