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Benefit from the best marketing tactic of this era: Explainer Videos. Grab attention, offer clarity and win customers like never before ✨
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5 star reviews - what a story
5 star reviews - what a story
5 star reviews - what a story
5 star reviews - what a story
5 star reviews - what a story
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Worldclass  Animation.

▸ Quality that sets you apart from the competition.
▸ We understand your goals, research your market, and create strategies that delivers.
▸ We manage the entire process. And a dedicated Creative Director makes sure you get a unique and amazing final video for your audience.

Level up your marketing game

Boost Conversions

Dropbox spent $50k on one explainer video which got them a revenue of over $24M and 5M new customers.
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Beat the competition and stand-out in the crowd with an explainer video. It has never been easier.
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Build trust and interest among your users. Explainer videos simplify things for them, encouraging them to take action.
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Explainers that win hearts

1. Superb onboarding:  we will listen to your goals and requirements, explore your market, competitors and possibilities.
2. Dedicated Creative Director: you will get a product manager and a dedicated creative director working towards a worry-free production.
3. No Compromises: you video will get the best treatment from our creative teams. No compromises. Ever.
4. Communication: Our team is trained for excellent communication. They are with you, every step in the journey. 
Talk to an expertAperian Global
We feel really lucky to have found What a Story. We've struggled with video vendors in the past who either didn't completely "get" our vision, or who did, but were way out of our budget. This was not the case for our experience with What a Story. They provided an incredibly creative, professional explainer video for our flagship software - and on a very fair budget.
Sarah Cincotta, Director of Marketing, Aperian Global5 star reviews - what a story
explainer video companyexplainer video company

Talking about the Impact 🔥

Chris Wingate
Chris Wingate
CFO, Cloudcannon
What a Story hit all the expectations we had. They delivered it fast and beautiful (for a conference). They listened to our feedback, all of them.
Maryna King
Maryna King
Founder, Ustage
I knew from the start that this collaboration would be amazing. What a Story understood exactly what I wanted for my video like no one else.
Luis Camacho
Luis Camacho
Co-Founder, GetAds
Bright and creative video agency that created a unique video. They portrayed everything we do in just one video.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to produce an explainer video?
Time depends on various factors, including; the type of video, duration, the complexity of the business, and the number of decision makers involved. Generally, for a 60-seconds 2D video requires 4 to 6 weeks. Same for 3D requires 8-10 weeks.
Why Are Explainer Videos So Popular Now?
The online world is chaotic and burdened with overwhelming information. People are confused about the products and services that can benefit them. They are looking for proper "explanations" that can motivate them to invest in problem-solvers.

Explainer videos are just the perfect tool to clear the doubts and clean the proverbial mud from their minds.
Do you offer any discounts if I order more than one video?
Yes we do.

To cut through the competition, you might need more than just one explainer video. Booking more than one video saves our budget spend on marketing and sales. We subtract that cost from your next video (called as recurring client bonus).

But remember: Every video requires time and resources.

Ready to grow your business with explainer videos?