20 Exemplary Motion Graphics Videos To Be Inspired From in 2024


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Videos are awesome. In fact, it's no coincidence that 92% of marketers feel that videos play an integral role in their video marketing strategies. It's simply that effective!

Now, combine that with the dwindling attention spans, and you’ll realize that videos, with highly engaging content delivered in the shortest time possible, is paramount to a business’s success.

That’s where Motion Graphic Videos come into play. Motion graphic videos are without a doubt some of the most captivating forms of videos you will ever see. And if you want success, captivating is exactly what you should give your audience.

According to stats, motion graphic videos increase leads by 90% and increases conversion rates from 10% to 50%! That’s an immediate win right there!

Interested much? Great, because we’re now going to dive into the gritty details of:

  • What makes motion graphics a great addition to videos 
  • Why and how companies can use them effectively 
  • Some of the best examples of motion graphics videos

Without wasting any more precious time, let’s get started!

Table of Content

What Are Motion Graphics?

It’s pretty straightforward. Motion graphics is essentially graphic design in motion. Put even simpler, it is animation using basic 2D and 3D shaped along with text as a major component.

Even though this style of video started a long time ago, it is still extremely relevant today because of its sheer creative freedom. The ease in which you could convey hard information incorporating sounds, text, symbols and animation goes a long way as compared to traditional video. It has proved to be a highly versatile storytelling tool, making it the perfect addition for A-grade video marketing

The reason for that is pretty simple, and lucky for you, that’s exactly what we’re going to take a look at next.

Why Should Companies Use Motion Graphics Videos?

There are multiple reasons that the popularity of motion graphic videos has drastically increased from year to year, and here’s why.

It simplifies complex ideas visually

This is the bread and butter of motion graphics.

As a business, you cannot deliver an idea to your audience with the same sophistication that it was born with. If you want the audience to get what you’re trying to convey, it has to be simplified.

When it comes down to that, motion graphic videos should be your go-to.

It is a fact that we process visual information 60,000 times faster than we process text. So obviously, the ideas and concepts that would normally be difficult to grasp can be understood with no problems within a minute or two.

It is because you can present your products, services and ideas in such a digestible manner that motion graphic videos are so effective as a tool.

Goodbit’s video explains the concept of Bitcoins in 2 minutes

It is a concise and engaging form of content

Let’s look at it from another perspective. As a consumer, how much time would YOU be willing to spend on a video that’s trying to sell something? Not too long, right?

With motion graphic videos, you now have the ability to say so much more with less. Remember, all successful motion graphic pieces are short and concise, often not more than three minutes long, because that is the recommended length to keep your audience from leaving in the middle of the video. The shorter it is the higher the chances of them watching the whole thing.

Currently, with the tsunami tide of videos popping up at every corner of every window, it is extremely important to be able to capture attention. Attention that can be easily missed. Motion graphics, being short and superbly eye-catching, are a perfect way to grasp a viewer’s eye.

It is a passive experience

What does it mean?

Unlike reading a document or a social media post about the benefits of so and so, watching a two-minute-long video of the same is far more effortless. All it takes is the click of the play button. And nowadays with the autoplay feature, it’s even more so.

Videos don’t have to expend any more mental energy than they need to. They don’t have to read or explore numbers and words. They just have to sit back and soak up juicy information while still enjoying the experience in their cozy sofas. Trust me, they’ll love you for it.

Deloitte chronicles its history with an engaging video

The content can be repurposed

A great video is one that can retain its value in almost all platforms. This is one of the best parts of motion graphic videos.

Because they’re so engaging and captivating, you can be sure that they will work pretty much anywhere – social media platforms, relevant e-mails, blog articles and presentations (relevant being the keyword here), etc.

All it takes is one awesome video. Sure, to make that video you might have to spend a little extra but hey, the value is double the cost here. You can use it over and over for years, and you can be rest assured, it will always deliver the same, amazing results.

It strikes an emotional chord with the audience

Video marketing is about telling a story. With the right storytelling methods, the video creates an emotional response among the audience, which then propels their desire to interact or know more.

With motion graphic videos, the scope of emotional storytelling is tenfold. There are countless ways in which you could use animation, music and voice-overs to inspire a certain feeling you want to instill in your viewers. It’s super easy to tailor the mood to the kind of narrative you’re creating

The iconic opening sequence of Mad Men showcases the very essence of the show.

When it comes to businesses, there’s a good chance that statistics will be involved in the videos to drive a point. Statistics have always been a heavy part of a video even though they’re extremely important. With motion graphics in the mix, it doesn’t have to be.

Always remember, when your story creates an impact in the audience, they’re bound to follow up. Motion graphics lets you do that with immeasurable ease because of the number of ways you can create a mood.

It provides almost unlimited creative freedom

This is the best part about motion graphics. The only limitations for what, or how you want to convey something is your skill/expertise and your imagination.

You can go absolutely bananas with motion graphics. The scope of what you can create is entirely up to you, so you can make anything. Any scene, any character, any mood – it’s endless!

So if you’re going for motion graphic videos, I’ve got two words for you – Go Crazy!

Now that you’re convinced motion graphic videos are the way forward for you, let’s dig a little deeper and check out all the different ways in which you could use this versatile brilliance.

Where Can You Use Motion Graphics?

Once again, due to the sheer scope of motion graphics, it can be used in almost any kind of video as long as you can perfect it. The variety of it gives rise to so many types of videos, based on its purpose or style of animation, that you can create with it.

At the end of the day, where and how you use it comes down to what kind of message you’re trying to communicate to your audience, the purpose of your video and what you’re trying to achieve with it.

With that said, here are the types of videos they’re best incorporated with.

Explainer Videos

As the name suggests, explainer videos are essentially videos that explain or describe a product, service or idea in not more than two minutes. Because of its short timeframe and ease of communicating the main ideas and features in such a short span of time, they are one of the most common and sought-after types of video for a company looking to bring out their products into the market.

Considering our learning patterns and the quick grasping potential of explainer videos, the incorporation of motion graphics has become a must-have style.

Your already-easy-to-consume explainer video has now become even easier, while becoming even more interesting in the process as well.


Brand Videos

Motion graphics have become an integral part of almost every brand’s marketing mix. It is used most by brands for pretty much everything, right from their products to company cultures to brand introductions.

Being the most appealing form of videos for current audiences, they allow the customers to experience the brand and their messages now. And if you’ve been in the game for long, you know that experiencing something has far greater value than just seeing and moving on.

Considering how rapidly the industry keeps growing, it’s safe to say this clearly successful trend is not slowing down any time soon.

Product Demos

With this style clearly working for brand and branding videos, it’s sure to work for product demos too, if not better for its purpose. While an explainer video focuses on a concept, a product video or a product demo video focuses on the specific product and how it works.

With the use of motion graphics, the pain of having to figure out how to show the product in use, be it physical or digital, is basically non-existent. No matter how complex the product is, you can now easily showcase the features, benefits and use of your product to the audience.

Because of the variety you can make with it, you could easily integrate it with other forms of video such as live-action or animation, and make it even more interesting and captivating for your audience.

Informational Videos

Motion graphics can be used with any form of informational video for almost the same reasons as above. Due to the nature of it, the videos can be made more effective and memorable.

Thanks to the visual and simple form of motion graphics, anything you want to teach your audience can be made super fun and entertaining, while still letting the audience consume whatever you want them to get out of it.

What’s more, unlike reading off a how-to manual, a video takes merely seconds to deliver the information.

It’s an overall win.

Infographic Videos

You have some important stats or graphs that you absolutely have to include in your video? But that can get boring right?

It doesn’t have to be.

Stats, graphs and other statistical elements can be made eye-catching and attention-grabbing effortlessly with motion graphics. By animating the elements in your video, you are not only making it more enjoyable for the audience, but it has proven to be more effective and memorable.

The amount of interaction is greatly increased, making the entire video experience far more engaging than the usual boring numbers and pie charts.

You know what they say. Less graphs, and more graphics! (Just kidding, no one says that. But it makes sense.)

I did say that people process visual content faster than text, so that’s enough rambling. Let’s look into a couple of examples of motion graphic videos to show you the numerous ways in which they can be made.

20 Motion Graphic Videos To Get Inspired From

As mentioned earlier, the scope is large and every video you see here will have some element or the other that makes it stand out compared to each other. We’ll look into 20 of the best motion graphic videos of all time and try to break down what makes the videos so brilliant.

Cool? Awesome.

1. Communication Without Chaos – Slack

Slack  is a cloud-based set of collaboration tools and services that work perfectly for smooth business communication.

Personally, the videos that Slack makes have always been a delight to watch and this video, “Communication Without Chaos”, is one such example.

Using very basic 2D shapes and an even simpler idea, the video briefly and perfectly explains why Slack is the best tool for a business to use for…well, communication without chaos!

The shapes used are all geometrically simple as well, and the best part is the use of colors. The entire video comprises of just four colors, excluding the white, and if you pay attention to their logo, you’ll notice that the four colors are the same ones that they use in the logo.

The concept was fantastic, and the execution was even better. All in all, this is one visually pleasing video from Slack.

2. CMO Explainer – Adobe

CMO.com is another one of Adobe’s useful tools that deliver marketing insights, expertise, and inspiration for all marketers. It helps marketers stay inspired and informed, as well as experience better outcomes in the digital age of marketing.

There is one word to describe this explainer video – fabulous.

First, the story. It is a very simple concept. It precisely explains the benefits of this tool in the form of a journey orbiting around a single red ball.

Second, the animation. Through the entire course of the video, the animation style flows over like butter over fine bread. It is so satisfying and so appealing, that even if you don’t want to know more about it, you’re bound to watch the entire video just for its visual style.

Third, the voiceover. Seamless would be the word. The fast-paced voiceover works in perfect harmony with the motion of the ball through the various platforms it travels through. In fact, the video wouldn’t have been as great as it is without the combination of the pace offered by the animation and voiceover.

Like I said, fabulous!

3. What is Ahrefs? – Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a brilliant online toolset for anything SEO related. Keyword analysis, keyword research, backlink checking, competitor analysis – everything.

Their explainer video explains the very same thing, but far, far more effectively.

This animated motion graphics video starts off the good old-fashioned way, the problem. It immediately hooks you onto it by stating the exact problems that a new website or one that isn’t doing so well might have. It then goes on to explain how Ahrefs can help with the myriad of tools that they have to offer.

Their animation style is quite basic, nothing too complicated, and the transitions are smooth as ever. They’ve used a very suitable background music to add an atmosphere to the video, with a complementing color palette, making the video very visually appealing.

The content itself is well thought of and simple. The information is very digestible and easy to comprehend, meaning the video actually has value for its time and creativity as well.

4. One – Pearson English

For companies without physical products, showcasing a service or software can be slightly more challenging with live-action. And as Pearson English will show here, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other methods.

This video for their digital platform One is very straight forward, and easy to comprehend. The visuals use nothing but icons and emojis to communicate, of course with the voiceover to properly explain how it helps.

Everything about this video is so much with so little, right from the animation to the color palette to the music. It’s simple, it’s fun to watch. It’s a brilliant example for a motion graphics video.

5. Google Cloud IoT Solutions – Google

How do you communicate an intangible concept such as data collection or storage visually? This video by Google shows you how to do it right.

The animation is quite abstract and it goes perfectly well with the entire concept of the video, which is to explain how Google’s Internet of Things works, and how it benefits users. Two key points to cover in any explainer video!

The voiceover is chirpy, combined with a suitable upbeat background music. And let’s not forget the satisfying sound effects that are added just where they have to be.

The video largely consists of a color palette of shades of grey and yellow, but even they stray away from it at occasional points, it’s always a color from their logo. Branding!

For a company like Google, this is exactly the kind of brilliance you’d expect in their videos.

6. What is Parse? – Parse

Parse is a platform that provides backend services for mobile applications, making it easier to create unique apps easily.

This video is genuinely a very interesting idea, and the execution does justice to it. It uses quite a bit of isometric illustrations, with the majority of the animation made up of 3D cubes.

You don’t have to be a tech genius to understand what they’re trying to convey in this video. The storyboard, the beautiful visual style, the color palette, and the suspiciously Terry Crews sounding voiceover blend effortlessly. And by the end of the video, everything just makes sense!

7. Look Up – Housing

Housing.com is a real estate search portal. How can you make real estate interesting and attractive? Take a look at this video.

This motion graphics video is not just a journey, it’s a magical one. Every element in the video is so vibrant and mystical, it looks like something out of a fairy tale.

The entire journey follows and revolves around a single arrow which is also their logo, that grows and subtracts at perfect moments to create a sense of awe for the rightfully concept-based storyboard.

8. How PayPal Works – PayPal

PayPal is an American company that operates a worldwide online payment system. It is a fast, secure and easy option for online payments. And I’m sure you all know what they’re talking about.

But even for those who don’t, this video is very straightforward and extremely easy to follow. They haven’t bothered to add more elements or graphics than they need to, and it’s this simplicity that makes this video work.

Not to mention the fact that the entire video explains precisely how to go about using the service step by step. Anyone can understand it, and that makes this video a perfect explainer video!

9. What is Dropbox? – Dropbox

I’m sure you know what Dropbox is. If you don’t… well I don’t know what to tell you.

But let’s not dwell on who knows and who doesn’t, because regardless of who you are, Dropbox’s explainer video will make everything clear.

The animations are minimal, using basic 2D line animations to carry the viewer through the course of the video. The use of solid colors and the light, upbeat music gives a very heartwarming vibe to the video, adding to the overall atmosphere of it.

This video is a wonderful explainer video, because it very briefly and precisely explains how the service works and how it benefits everyone. In other words, it does its intended job very well.

10. The Power of Customer Engagement – Jive

We’ve all been customers at some point, so we know how much we hate it when brands don’t deliver. On the other side, a lot of us have been on the receiving ends too, and we understand the importance of keeping your customers happy, no matter how unreasonable some of them may seem.

Jive lets you engage directly and authentically with millions of people at the same time, and their explainer video explains how and why this is important in this personal marketing era. The narration is straightforward, and the visual style is basic. Yet the end value of this video is large.

Using relevant statistics on customer engagement, this video teaches the audience about the importance of it more than anything. And like any good explainer video, it’s short and precise!

11. Innovations – SAP

I might have used the word ‘perfect’ for a couple of videos on this list, but I truly believe it when I watch this video. Everything about this video is simply…. perfect.

Created for SAP, this excellence of a motion graphics video uses the absolute best visual format, the best suited BGM and voiceover, and a wonderful script.

The abstract nature of this video is simply eye-candy, with the colors and transitions seamlessly blending in with the script. The video does a good job of setting the right tone that it has to inspire in the audience, a sense of wonder.

I think it’s perfect because this video was a visual experience above all. Mind-blowing.

12. Welcome to Age of No-Code – Webflow

Webflow is a company that helps you build responsive websites in the easiest way possible with their world-class hosting services. And in many ways, this video does justice to them.

As the title of the video may suggest, this video is about a concept of theirs, a dream of software development where no code is required. Of course, because of the spot-on narrative, that isn’t too hard to figure out.

The bread and butter of this video however is the visual style, which is nothing short of absolute exquisiteness. It starts off by explaining how you need extensive knowledge of code-writing in order to be able to create awesome websites and platforms, and then goes on to show a much easier future.

But more than the concept, it’s the way they show it that steals the show. When the video starts, it comprises of a very dark color palette, but as the narrative progresses to a more positive note, the colors start to brighten up too. The visuals play a vital role in expressing optimism for a brighter future, and I think that’s a beautiful way of engaging with the audience.

13. 360c Concept – Volvo

Some videos are good, some are great. This one is breathtaking.

The best way I could explain this would be to call it ‘abstract art!’ That’s what it is.

Created for Volvo, this video is a concept for a concept, the 360c Concept. But you won’t figure that out at all, because the point of the video is the concept, not the product. Until the very end, when the Volvo logo finally appears on the screen, this video is nothing more than a story of progression and hope.

The visual style entirely comprises of lines and geometry, and it is the epitome of creativity in my opinion. The one question that lingered after watching this video was, “How do people think like this?”

Everything about the video is visually minimal, but large in experience and content. This is one of those videos that you must watch to understand, solely because it is an experience.

So go right ahead, and see for yourself what I mean.

14. Trusted Communications – Twilio

There’s definitely been situations when you get a phone call, and it annoyingly turns out to be spam. Especially nowadays, spammers and spam calls are no joke. You never know the true motive and that’s even scarier.

Twilio addresses this very problem in this video. Rightfully named ‘Trusted Communications’, this video precisely explains the issues of spam calls and how to overcome it.

The message is crystal clear by the end of the video, and it’s all thanks to the detailed narrative and the beautiful, vibrant 2D animations. The graphics and transitions are so smooth in taking the viewer on a journey from problem to solution.

Of course, anybody can make a claim, but this video does a great job at convincing the audience of their credibility. By using bright colors and an upbeat soundtrack, the entire mood of the video is optimistic, and by the end, the viewer is bound to have hope.

That’s how you engage an audience!

15. Everyone’s on Social – Hootsuite

You can’t escape the fact that we are now living in a digital age. All of us are on social media, and all of us are trying to get maximum reach to as many people and brands as possible. That’s pretty much the gist of this video’s narrative.

With that said, this video by Hootsuite is immediately attention grabbing solely because of its opening sentence, “Everyone’s on social media these days.” Immediately the audience is like, “I’m interested!” And if that didn’t do the job, there’s the stunning, vibrant graphics.

The elements of this story are abstract in nature, and we all know people love abstract content. And this very same abstract vibrance, along with the voiceover, or rather what she has to say, is what attracts the audience like a magnet.

Good job on this one Hootsuite!

16. Big Deal – Solea

Let me be the first to say, for a video about a dentistry equipment, this one by Solea exceeded all expectations. It’s an absolute treat to watch.

The video starts with an abstract point, and ends with the same point, and everything in between – the graphics, the transitions, the language, the music, the creativity – is precisely on point!

The script was brilliant, and the narrator did an exquisite job of delivering it. The language was superb and the timing of it all was spot on. Of course, you know I’m especially referring to the moment he says, ‘sensationless’.

The music and sound effects work in well-oiled harmony. This combination is basically the experience of the video.

Every, and I mean EVERY transition is a wow factor. You have to watch it to see what I mean.

Truly a sensation to watch!

17. State of Work – Slack

Oh yeah, that’s right! There’s another one from Slack.

While the previous video did wonders with 2D shapes, this one is a 3D masterpiece.

As always, the script is first and foremost great. It’s written and spoken so well that every line feels like it’s meant for you.

But more than that, is the visual quality of this brilliance. It is extremely satisfying to watch, both for its 3D animation style and the storyline. Every ball represents a worker, and it's incredible to see how they’ve somehow managed to give those faceless objects a personality. The way they interact with the objects somehow make sense.

And the colors! Again, the colors are solely the ones from their logo, except this time they’re a lot more vibrant and almost royal.

The change that Slack is trying to show due to result of teamwork is so prominent at the end of the video, and it has such a huge impact on the audience.

This video is remarkable.

18.   Security – Virgin Media

This cute video by Virgin Media is a great example of a cartoon motion graphics video. While you may think you’re too mature for it, never forget you grew up on it. And companies are starting to take advantage of the emotion that is a cartoon.

This video, more than anything, it serves as a reminder to the viewer. It narrates a very relatable story of the possible dangers of surfing the web unprotected. Using very simple illustrations, and an even simpler story, this video reinforces the importance of proper cybersecurity.

They do a clever job of creating a sense of urgency, while offering their services as the solution.

It is a good example of how easily you can create an emotional connection with the audience using cartoons in your videos.

19. The Future of What’s Left Behind – Abengoa

The first thing you’ll notice in this amazing motion graphics video is the style itself. Some brands use 2D animation while some use 3D animation. Abengoa here, took the opportunity and used both. And the highlight is they made it work!

Every frame, and every transition is constantly switching from 2D to 3D and back, and that makes it very hard to peel your eyes off the screen. The color palette is minimal, with the entirety of the video making use of four primary shades – light grey, dark grey, orange and white.

The content of the video itself is pretty gripping. It tells the story of a company that saw an opportunity to make the world a better place and is doing everything it can to stick to that plan. It’s supposedly shaping the future. Thanks to this amazing visual style of the video, anyone can understand the point of this video, even if they weren’t listening to the narrator. That is an achievement right there!

The video and the story are very easy to follow. And of course, the interplay between the script and visuals steal the show!

20.   All Together Now – G Suite

Two things immediately stand out in this video for G Suite. The animation and the narration.

When I say animation, I specifically mean the transitions. They’re just sooo natural and smooth and intuitive. They’re like a well-oiled machine! 

Then comes the narration. Now there are a few things I can say about this. First, and most obvious, is the rhyming. It’s basically a short, optimistic poem.

But more importantly is the language. Why?

The video starts with the phrase, “If this was how it could be…” followed by future possibilities. This is brilliant because it almost immediately gets the viewer to think, and this motivation to engage with the video ensures that your audience sticks around to watch the entire video.

What’s more, you have no clue what product or service they’re talking about. Even as the video ends, the main details of it are minimal, focusing more on ways to paint a picture for the audience.

This is a wonderful video.

Key Takeaways

Now, all the videos above have their own unique elements that make it GREAT, but you’ll also notice there are certain things you need to follow in order to make it work. What are those key takeaways?

Short and sweet is key. Every video is no more than three minutes, because the shorter it is, the easier it is to guarantee that your audience will watch the entire video. This is paramount. Do NOT, under any circumstance, make it any longer.

The best videos are a combination of visual and animation styles, so please do NOT stick to norms here. The point and benefit of motion graphics is the limitless possibilities of creativity. Use it!

It’s never just about the graphics. There are tons of elements you can make use of like music, narratives, voiceovers, sound effects, etc. You don’t necessarily have to use all of them, but if there’s any chance that they enhance the viewing experience of your video, go for it!

Know when to stop. The creative freedom can get to your head, so you need to know what is too much and too little. Too much can become a headache for the viewers. Too little is pointless. You need to find the right balance in order to glue viewers’ eyes to the screen until the very end. And remember, in a lot of cases simplicity is better than complexity.

Make your audience engage with the video. This is of utmost importance. The more they engage, the more likely they are to watch the full video, as well as being more likely to follow your video's CTA.

Do not feel obliged to create your own video if you think you can’t or do not have the resources. There are plenty of video production companies out there that would be more than happy to be able to tell your story to the world, in the way that it deserves to be told. Make use of these brilliant minds.

Lastly, and most importantly, have fun doing it.

And That’s a Wrap!

There you have it, Dear Reader. You came here looking for the top motion graphics videos, but I’m willing to bet you’re leaving with a hell of a lot more!

Motion graphics are so much fun, both to use and to watch. And the possibilities it opens up for your video marketing strategies are insane. With videos becoming more and more important, it only makes sense to create the best of the best, and motion graphics let you do that far more easily and cheaper than most other methods.

If you are looking for top-notch motion graphics videos that meet all the above requirements with the creativity and reach your brand deserves, you should contact us

Take a look at What A Story’s portfolio of successfully completed projects to see our expertise and creativity in delivering the best and most suitable marketing videos for your specific needs!

And as always, have a wonderful day!

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