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If you’ve been in the marketing sector for long, you’ll know the in-thing now is video marketing. With a staggering 85% of businesses using videos as marketing tools, the sheer success of it is hard to ignore.

Of course, with the rise of videos, there’s the real problem of businesses being able to communicate the right kind and amount of information in a short span of time. And with that comes the bigger problem of trying to make the content as interesting as possible for their customer base.

Lucky for them, and you, the answer is Animated Infographics!

Infographics by themselves are amazingly practical tools for visualizing any form of data and information, making them more enjoyable and shareable than earlier methods. But just imagine the combination of infographics and a powerful medium such as animated videos!

That’s just what this blog is about. In the next couple of minutes, you will learn about:

  • Why and how brands can take advantage of animated infographic videos
  • Things to keep in mind when making your own animated infographics
  • And of course, the best of the best animated infographics for some inspiration.

I hope you’re as interested as I am! Without wasting another second, let’s get into it.

Table of Contents

What Is An Animated Infographic Video?

It is nothing but a visual representation of data, statistics and much more in the form of videos, but with the colorful combination of images, colors, illustrations, and movements. It’s brief, it’s simple, and it’s one of the most direct ways to deliver a business idea in an entertaining fashion.

In less than 90 seconds, it essentially compiles the what, how and why of a brand’s product or service in a visual fashion that’s easy to grasp and appealing for their audience.

Understood? Great!

All well and good, but what exactly makes it such a great option for businesses? Let’s find out.

Why Must Brands Use Animated Infographics?

There are many reasons for why this style of video has been such a great boon for businesses, but here are the main ones:

It is short and simple

With the minuscule attention spans these days, short and sweet is the only way to go. With animated infographic videos, you have the power to compile all the information you want to say, and it’s ideally not more than 90 seconds, thanks to the combination of elements that are involved in creating such a video.

The one important thing you need to look at to make sure this works is to come up with a killer script that matches the energy and speed of the video.

It simplifies complex information

In addition to the previous point, due to the nature of the video style, you have the freedom to show your important information and data in more than one way. You no longer need to stick to just text and graphs.

Due to so many elements available for use, you can simplify very complex information in such a way that anyone is bound to understand the message by the end.

It is a more desirable approach for learning about new products and services

Video is the most desired method for learning about new products at 68%. And infographics are without a doubt, one of the most desirable forms of content right now.

Put two and two together, and you have the most desirable approach for customers to learn something new about your product, service or brand. And as you should know, the success of a business depends on the first impression, so this is an easy win for you.

It increases shareability

People love to share something that they personally find useful, attractive or educational.

Infographics by themselves are 3 times more likely to be shared on social media than other forms of content.

If your infographic video can fit all the above criteria, which it should do with ease, you have a huge bonus of free social media marketing thanks to the many customers you’ve managed to dazzle!

It makes boring content entertaining

Infographics = information graphics. And let’s face it, statistics and graphs aren’t always interesting to read or study about.

With animation in your infographic videos, that changes things. Everything automatically becomes better and more eye-catching for the viewers. The colorful combination of animated elements makes it a lot harder to ignore, and in time, your viewer has watched the whole video. Just as you intended. *wink*

What’s more is that with the right animation techniques, you can effortlessly highlight the most important information in your videos, making it easier to deliver the message you want your audience to receive.

What Are The Different Types Of Animated Infographics?

Now, there are various styles of animated infographic videos that you can use depending on the type of content and message you want to deliver to your audience. Following are the some of the most common types of animated infographic videos you can use for your business:


This video style is best if your content is heavily text based, because you’re essentially presenting words in the most attractive and colorful way. The graphical component is merely there for some visual support, but the main focus of this video would be the way in which you present all that gritty textual content.


Well, what can I say?

If you ever want to compare two or more products or services, maybe highlight their similarities and differences, or what makes them better than the other, this is the perfect way to do it.

You could either do the comparisons on the same screen, side to side, or you could do them one after that other. The choice is entirely yours. The point is, any way you choose to do it, this video style is the way to go!

This beautiful and simple video on the difference between Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop is a brilliant example of this style of animated infographics.

Data Visualization

In many instances, you’ll have to present heavily factual information like statistics, graphs, pie-charts, etc. And to be fair, this is one form of information people cannot argue against, of course, granted that the sources are reliable and correct.

Being visual forms of information already, it only makes sense to be able to present stats and numbers in the most appealing way possible, making it an enjoyable experience for the viewers while still learning something from it.

That’s what this video style is about!


It’s pretty obvious that you should use a map when your key information is based on geographical topics. So as straightforward as this video style’s name implies, this is the perfect way to represent geographical data such as progression or change of specific factors in a region, or rate of environmental destruction (or rejuvenation) in a given region, and so on and so forth. You get it.

How-To Videos

How-to videos, in my opinion, are one of the most versatile styles of videos because they can be insanely useful to both beginners and professionals.

With simple and straightforward directional cues, this style is essentially a step-by-step of… well… how to do something. Accompanied by visual aids too, this form of video has become one of the most popular video styles, used in everything from cooking, to carpentry, to how to make the best infographic videos!  


You’ve definitely fallen victim to an enticing Top-10 video at least once in your life. That’s a clear example of how effective listicle videos are, mostly because they’re pretty short and can be digested easily.

And with infographics, it’s a pretty good format to use to make sure your audience is hooked to the very end.

Take a look at GreenElec's video to see what I mean.


For chronological information and data, the timeline format is a must. It’s brilliant to show how something has changed or evolved over a desired period of time, and because you can go visually berserk with it, it’s bound to be eye candy for the viewers from start to finish.

Now you’re familiar with the various types of animated infographic videos you could use for your businesses. But when it comes to the actual making of the video, there are certain things you need to keep in mind to make sure you create a killer one.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind When Making Animated Infographics

Here are some useful tips that’ll come in handy for a first-class video!

Identify the goal

Before starting with your animated infographics video, always set the goal first.

Are you trying to increase your social media following? Or are you explaining your company history? Perhaps, you’re trying to promote a specific service?

By identifying and setting the goal first, you will have a clear-cut idea as to how to navigate with the research, design process, budget, etc., for the actual video itself.

Focus on the target audience

This is very, very important.

Your videos are not for you, they’re for a specific audience. It should be the number one priority (apart from the goal) to identify that specific target audience.

Why? Because in doing so, coming up with a concept and animation style becomes a breeze. So does figuring out what kind of information to add or omit in the video.

By understanding who you’re addressing the video to, you’ll be better equipped to tackle all the other steps involved in the making of a killer infographic video.

Break down the information

Infographics are brilliant because they take each piece of information, lay it out in a very visually pleasing format, and make it extremely simple to read and understand.

That’s exactly what you should do with the video too. You need to break down the information and complement it with the right animations in order to make it visually appealing and more importantly, interesting for the viewers.

Tell a story

You can’t present your information and expect the viewers to enjoy, especially when it involves numbers and statistics.

No. You need to make it something more of an experience. You need to tell a story.

Your animated infographic videos are a great opportunity to turn all that boring and raw data into something more by adding a storyline, characters, a message and emotion. It adds the spark needed to keep your viewers glued to the scenes until the very end.

You’d be surprised to find the difference this simple factor can accomplish in terms of adding life to otherwise boring content.

Deloitte's journey is chronicled with statistics and a timeline style animated infographics

Use the right amount of variety

Visual variety is one of the main reasons that make infographics so enjoyable and enticing. And by that, I mean the combination of text, font style and color palette are what make the video.

However, you should know where to draw the line regarding how crazy you get with it. Too much pizzazz can become too distracting for the viewers in that short span of time.

While it can get tempting to belt out some calligraphic skills for the text, it doesn’t always help with legibility. If they don’t get what you’ve put on screen, there really is no point now is there?

When it comes to color, a simple yet effective rule is to use not more than three primary colors in the video. One suggestion is you can try and stick to the colors that you use in your brand logo. This adds the bonus of branding in your videos, making it easier for your audience to connect the video style to your brand.

Maintain textual and visual balance

At the end of the day, the video is about informing your viewers. So it only makes sense to make it simple and easy for them to understand what you’re trying to communicate.

You need to find the right balance between the elements in your video, especially the text and visuals. Make the video scannable, not overwhelming!

Simplicity is key

Correlating to the previous two points, this is a golden rule. Simplicity is key!

The color palette, the animation style, the illustrations, the text, all the other elements – keep everything as simple as you can, and your viewers have no choice but to sit and watch the entire masterpiece that is your video.

They need to get the message at the end, not get distracted by the video’s complexity.

Now that we’ve got all this out of the way, let’s get into what you actually came here for shall we?

The Best Animated Infographics in 2024

Every video is different, with its own unique wow-factor, that one element that makes it great. Following are 15 of the best animated infographic videos ever, and by taking your time and watching each one, you’ll quickly understand just why!

1.  Solea – Big Deal

It’s not everyday you get to see a game-changing video on dentistry. And as long as this video by Solea exists, you’re going to need an extremely creative mind to top it!

This video is a journey and an experience from start to finish. Following an abstract point, the viewers are taken into an abstract masterpiece, and believe me, you cannot peel your eyes off the screen.

The language and script do an amazing job of attracting a very wide audience with how brilliantly everything is worded. And the narrator does justice to it.

The music and transitions are absolutely spot-on, and every frame is a visual treat. I mean it.

There’s plenty of depth in the video thanks to all the perfectly blended elements, making this a truly spectacular inspiration for an infographic video.

2.  Webflow – Welcome to the Age of No-Code

Webflow, Inc. is an American based company that provides website building and hosting software to help build responsive websites in the easiest way possible.

Coming to the video itself, the title itself does the job of attracting an audience. In a world that’s extensively run by code, ‘Welcome to the Age of No-Code’ sounds… interesting. And if you somehow missed that, that’s what the video itself starts off with too.

Not everyone knows how to write and run codes. So when the video addresses that problem with a solution, you immediately relate to it. And when it’s done so in such a visually stunning style, you bet you’re not moving until it’s done!

It’d be rude to simply classify this video as an animated infographic video. This is a work of art. And with the content pointing to a simpler and better future, there’s no doubt you’re sold.

3.  WWF – Change the Way You Think About Food

This video by WWF is a very good example of how a simple video can still be powerful.

Using just black and white and no voiceover, the video still gets the viewers thinking. About what? About the very thing they want us to think about – the consumption of food.

Personally, apart from the minimalistic designs and graphics, the most important element was the music. The music was so intense and heavy, and it sent a sort of urgent emotion while watching the video, perfect for the theme. Moreover, the music formed the basis for the transitions of the elements. Yes, I’m specifically referring to that scene with the pie-chart.

The information in this video was very stat heavy, and without it, this video is as good as pointless. And yet, with the very basic, they’ve made this video work.

4.  Fruit of the Loom – The Tuck Effect

I bet that you’ve been told to tuck your shirt in by your mum as a kid numerous times. Fruit of the Loom decided to use that common trait, but with a different and positive approach.

One again, this video works because of its simplicity. Dominantly composed of grey-scale illustrations and a pretty basic animation style, this video is so much with so little.

The stats and typography are well-placed and easy to read, which is great considering the quick but smooth transitions.

And just to put it out there, “What if…?” is always a great way to start a video because it immediately kickstarts the viewers’ interest and imagination.

5.  Hulamin – Aluminium Foil Packaging Company

Recycling is not a new concept. Neither is aluminium an unfamiliar component in our daily lives. And because of this, it becomes slightly harder to deliver the same base message to an audience that already knows the underlying idea.

So how do you make it interesting?

Infographics. Hulamin, an aluminium foil packaging company, has used the power of infographics to send this message to the world, but with a little more oomph.

And what is that oomph? They practice what they preach.

They use 100% recyclable aluminium containers and they are proud to explain the long term benefits it has on the planet. And this video is beautiful because of how uncomplicated and neat it is.

There is a lovely combination of animated infographics and photography of real items, reinforcing how important it is to take action with adequate stats and useful benefits of aluminium. The music too is very upbeat, and that goes beautifully with the vibe of the video.

And finally, a personal remark. I love the way the narrator says Hulamin Aluminium. It’s amusingly satisfying to hear.

6. Vucko – The Power of Like

Andrew Vucko is one of the most brilliant motion and design artists of today, and he runs a practice called…wait for it…. Vucko!

In this particular video, he’s talking about how likes on social media influence the posts and content we make. And let me tell you right off the bat, this video is the definition of ‘create an experience.’

This is a story of pretty much everyone on social media today. It is a story of the exact emotions and situations we go through. And because of that, it is a very relatable story.

The way the journey is described right from the beginning makes it so hard to turn away, especially with all the feelings attached to viewing it. It starts with a hook, goes down a relatable downward spiral of sadness and depression, and shoots upwards to a brighter future. How could you possibly not like this?

 My favorite part of the video? It’s when the video goes from color to black and white. That was, to me, the deepest point of the video, and from then on, the video took off even further!

I don’t know what more to add, except watch it, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

It is undeniably an exquisite piece of art.

7.  Slack – Work, Simplified

Slack knows how to make their videos memorable. This one is no exception.

First off, there’s no voiceover, yet you can tell EXACTLY what they’re trying to convey here.

Second, the transitions, my god! The entire video is like a timeline, a journey through the main character’s day. It starts off like a typical working man’s day, filled with messages and filled to the brim with meetings and discussions.

The scenes during this time are depicted with so much commotion, that’s well supported with the vast number of elements at a given point, along with the bustling sound effects and hasty music.

And then, somewhere at the middle of the video, everything changes. In a fraction of a second, all that commotion is reduced to a mass of neat, organized events just after the introduction of Slack.

The cramped-up characters, colors and actions immediately spread out to become a calmer and more organized set up, and it is soothing to watch.

And as Slack has always done, they’ve used the colors of their logo. That’s one of the reasons it’s so easy to identify their videos!

8.  OpenMind – Chronology of the Universe

The story of the universe is one that has captured the attention and interest of many, many people. And with the sheer vastness in timeline, being able to explain it in less than four minutes is a feat that OpenMind has achieved beautifully.

Using just a powerful soundtrack to back up the animation screen, this ambitious video was able to summarize 13.7 billion years in a jiffy. And if you ask, the lack of voiceover gave the video a very ethereal vibe, one fit for a subject like this.

It’s a great example to show you there are no limits of what you can achieve given the right planning and team!

9.  SAP – Innovations

No matter how many times I watch it, this video by SAP never ceases to amaze. Every time I watch it is a completely new experience, filling me with the same awe as the first time!

This video is clearly to their customers, and the language they use in this video reinforces their importance and deepens the interest of the audience.

Every frame is stirring and powerful and the way the idea is conceptualized in this eye-candy of a video is smartly done.

And as if this wasn’t enough, the music and entire video composition was completely on point, making it one of the best animated infographic videos to be made.

10. BNY Mellon – The Moments

BNY Mellon is a wealth management company that helps its clients manage their finances through their investment journey. This striking video basically shares the experience of Bob Shaw, the former CEO of Net Optics.

While the color scheme was very minimal yet colorful, and the music was very upbeat and soft to take in, the two things that made this video awesome was the animation style and the voiceover.

The design, well, if you watch the video, you’ll notice how simple and easy it is to soak up whatever he’s saying.

While normally you go for a very professional and business-y voiceover, I love this video because of how natural and conversational he sounds throughout the video. It really feels like he’s talking directly to the audience, and that plays a huge role in attracting and retaining the audience through the duration of the video.

11.  World Economic Forum – What is Big Data?

Data is a vastly complex and tricky concept. And trying to explain it in a digestible manner can be even more so.

That is something that the World Economic Forum nailed in this video.

The entire concept of data and what it is has been explained so concisely and clearly, it’s hard not to understand at least the general idea of it. The statistics and infographics have been blended beautifully, and the narrator does a wonderful job at explaining the whole thing.

And even if you’re finding it hard to keep up with the voiceover, they’ve been kind enough to add subtitles, so really, you can’t complain about this video.

It’s a well-done infographic video!

12.  AT&T – Cargo View

AT&T Cargo View is a small, light-weight sensor-based device that you can use to track all your shipments and cargo.

This is a brilliant example of how to use infographics to briefly give a detailed explanation of…anything you want to explain!

This is an IoT product that can be used regardless of transit modes and is safe for aircrafts. And this video explains just that with utmost clarity and simplicity. You don’t have to be a tech-wiz to get it, and that’s the most appealing part.

The excellent use of color immediately stands out with its vividly engaging color palette. This color combo also gives the video a very user-friendly vibe and that’s awesome.

The clear and strong voiceover also does a great job at carefully explaining all the key facts and details necessary to keep the viewers aligned with the basis of the video.

13.  Vucko - Originality

Yes, another one from Vucko Studios. And this is just as good.

There’s not much to say for this except that this is a very wholesome and inspirational video. And most of it is due to the series of famous quotes from Pablo Picasso, Woodrow Wilson, Lincoln Steffens, Jean Luc Godard and many others.

Just like their quotes, this video challenges the viewer to step up and do better. It reinforces the importance of inspiration as a path to originality.

The designs are very minimalistic, yet powerful thanks to the narrator who does a brilliant job at reiterating those famous quotes in the most uplifting way.

Overall, great infographic video.

14. IADB – The Little Mathematician

This video made by the Inter-American Development Bank is clearly for the younger generation, aimed at kids starting to learn mathematics. But that’s why this video works so brilliantly.

The animations are simple yet abstract enough to immediately capture their attention and interest. The music is very light and perfect for kids. But of course, the highlight is the voiceover. It’s poetic, cute, simple and to the point. The best elements to entice a kid into loving something.

Parents, show your kids this. NOW!

15. Kurzgesagt – Loneliness

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell is a YouTube channel that excels – and I mean EXCELS – at breaking down the most complex of concepts that we all have questions to at some point in time. Right from ants to the origins of the universe, they make it work for their audience.

And this heavy topic on loneliness is no exception.

This video provides an in-depth idea on the concept of loneliness, and the emotions and experiences attached to it with colorful, vivid animations and professional designs. (All their videos have a similar animation style, and this consistency makes it easy to identify a video as theirs!)

 Now, there’s a reason this video is the last on the list, even though it’s probably one of the best. And yes, it has to do with the one factor that makes it unlike the rest.

The video length. It is twelve and a half minutes long!

So why did I add it in spite of saying the ideal length was less than three minutes? Because this video is a perfect example of how you can make longer videos as long as you can keep your audience gripped until the very end. Kurzgesagt has nailed it from the beginning, and they continue to do it now.

Despite being twelve minutes, the content and animation style make it impossible for anyone to get bored. And because of this power they have over their audience, this video is on this list as one of the best animated infographic videos!

And That’s That!

So, there you have it! 15 of the best animated infographic videos ever made. Of course, the list doesn’t stop here. And if you think you haven’t had enough, you’re always free to go watch more and more. After all, there’s no end to inspiration.

As you saw above, the possibilities are endless. With the right creativity and the right touch of brilliance, you can easily make a killer infographic video. Always remember, it all comes down to the way you build around an idea.

But of course, if you think you don’t have the right resources, or the amount of time needed to make yourself an awesome animated infographic video that ticks all the boxes, feel absolutely free to contact us

Take a look at What A Story’s portfolio of successfully completed projects to see our expertise and creativity in delivering the best and most suitable marketing videos for your specific needs!

And of course, have an amazing day Dear Reader!

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