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In an online world that is almost entirely dominated by videos, it is of utmost importance for businesses to up their video marketing game. Whether you want to promote your business, explain how your product works, or raise brand awareness, videos are the absolute way to go.

And in this case, Corporate Videos! But first, enjoy the below video:

This video may have put a smile on your face. If it did, please let me know by commenting below. :)

Corporate videos come in many types, each serving a different purpose.

I've tried to explain each type of video, its purpose, characteristics, ideal length and hand-picked examples. This took me a decent amount of time so it will save yours!

With that said, Let’s jump right into it then!

Company Profile Videos

This type of video covers everything about your business in one video. Right from the products and services you offer, to your company’s story, values, what you do and what sets you apart from your competitors.

Characteristics of a Company Profile Video:

  • Introduces the company and its mission.
  • Shares the company's history and journey.
  • Showcases the company's products or services.
  • Includes testimonials from satisfied customers or partners.
  • Tells everything necessary related to the company.
  • Information over engagement.

The ideal length of a corporate film is about 2 to 10 minutes. I know it's very loooong but covers everything which is important to anyone doing any kind of business with the company.

To make this effective, company profile videos have to sit on your homepage and About Us page because it immediately catches any visitors’ attention, and convinces them as to why your business is the right fit. It also increases the time they spend on your website, so there you go!

Corporate Explainer or Product Demo Videos

Just like corporate films, this type of video also gives detailed information, but instead of a full company, this focuses on a specific product or service of the company. These videos are like show-and-tell. They establish a market problem, introduce a specific product or service, and show how it works or what it does. Lets watch some corporate explainer videos:

Characteristics of a Explainer Video or Product Demo Video:

  • Focuses on a specific product or service. Or just 1-2 messages, unlike corporate film.
  • Establish the need, then present the solution.
  • Offers a demonstration of how to use the product or service.
  • Clarifies the unique selling point or special features.
  • Engagement over the Information. Don't dar to make it boring.

The ideal length of explainer videos is about 1 to 3 minutes. However, some detailed product demos for a particular audience might require more length. Below are two good examples of longer videos:

Explainer videos are a fantastic choice to showcase a new or existing product to customers, especially if it’s a complex one to explain. How so? Because you have the freedom to use different video styles to break down any complex product or service into the simplest and most entertaining fashion.

You could feature an employee explaining the workings and features of your product to catch eyeballs (Just like the above samples). Or you could use animation to give an in-depth explanation while still keeping the creative and fun element of the video. 

Fact: During my whole research, I found that most explainer videos and demos are animated.

And just to really drive home the point of how much more beneficial product demo videos are, remember that 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video!

Long winded product descriptions are super boring. Instead, spice it up with a killer explainer video or product demo video!

It’s endless possibilities!

Brand Introduction Video or Promotional Videos

Brand films, sometimes known as Company Introduction Videos or Corporate Promotional Videos, are like the cover of a book. They give a glimpse of what's inside but won't reveal all the details.

Unlike explainer videos, these don't go into the in-depth details of a product or service. Rather, they paint a broader picture of the company and its philosophy.

Characteristics of a Brand Introduction or Promotional Video

  • Show off a company's core values and philosophy.
  • Give a broad overview, not detailed specifics.
  • Highlight the impact and results of the company's work.
  • Narrate the company's key achievements.
  • Can be made using diverse visuals like stock footage or animations.
  • Set the stage and build curiosity among viewers.

The ideal length of this type of video is 1-2 minutes.

They can be made using stock footage or animations, providing flexibility in how you want to Introduce your business.

Brand films tell the story behind the product, showing the ideas, values, and heart of the business.

They showcase the outcomes or results that the company's products or services can achieve, or even the achievements of the company itself.

Perfect for introducing a new company, department, or product, these videos are like a 'hello' to potential stakeholders without overwhelming them with information.

These films are super useful for businesses with new products or newbies themselves in the market, as they act as a quick way to tell people 'Hey, we're here and this is what we stand for!'

Overall, a Brand Film is like the appetizer before a big meal. It sets the tone, builds anticipation, and leaves the audience wanting to know more.

Recruitment Videos aka Company Culture Videos

Recruitment Videos or Company Culture Videos are like a virtual tour of your company, designed to showcase the work environment and the culture that prospective employees would be stepping into. 

Recruitment videos are a super effective way to attract potential applicants and retain current ones.

Typically reflecting the company’s personality, these videos attract interested individuals and talents by giving an insight into the company culture in the shortest time possible. And as a bonus for them, it gives more information about your company in a matter of minutes as opposed to reading a long job application.

Characteristics of a Company Culture Video or Recruitment Videos

  • Showcases the company's work environment.
  • Highlights the company culture.
  • Reveals company values.
  • Demonstrates perks and benefits.
  • Features employee experiences and testimonials.
  • Useful tool for HR campaigns.

Run anywhere between 2-5 minutes.

Take this video by Starbucks as an example. This video very beautifully highlights the career successes of some employees who started as interns or graduates. It increases the brand trust thanks to the fact that the experiences shared are from genuine people who work there. They then end the video with a link to their careers page, a very subtle yet effective call-to-action.

They are a powerful tool that human resources (HR) can leverage during recruitment campaigns.

You can do a lot of experiments with company culture videos like showing the Diversity in the Company, the first day at work, or how field employees are equally crucial as top executives in the organisation. Below are some great examples;

Testimonials / Interviews / Talking Head / Case Study Videos

Testimonial Videos of customers & employees are like having a trusted friend tell you how great a company, product, or service is. They feature real people - either customers or employees - sharing their honest experiences and feelings about the company.

Your sales team might call them "Case Study Videos" and the Creative team might call them "Interview or Talking Head Videos".

Check out the below examples and especially the first one, bcoz it was given by our client :P

Characteristics of a Testimonial Video

  • Features real customers or employees.
  • Shares honest experiences and opinions. Unfiltered.
  • Showcases the product, service, or company from the user's perspective.
  • Highlights customer satisfaction or employee well-being.
  • Builds trust and credibility.

They run anywhere between 1-3 minutes, single or collective testimonials.

Case Study Video Example
B2C Customer testimonial video example
Employee Testimonial Video Example

Tip: Produce 4-6 separate testimonial videos considering them as a campaign. Then, blend them into a collage for a super engaging video experience, catering to a wide audience with quick snapshots.

The beauty of testimonial videos lies in their timeless value.

They can be repurposed over the years in various contexts, such as corporate videos, product films, HR campaigns, and more. They fit snugly everywhere, from your website's landing page to social media feeds.

In a world where opinions and reviews carry considerable weight, testimonials shine brightly. For those with a creative flair, consider these videos a goldmine for the highest return on investment.

CSR Videos - Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Videos, short for Corporate Social Responsibility Videos, are like the heart of your company's video collection. They show the kind, caring side of your business, revealing the ways you're making a difference in the world.

These videos highlight the charitable actions, community support, or environmental initiatives your company is involved in. They tell the stories of the people or places that have been positively impacted by your company's efforts.

Here are some key characteristics of CSR videos:

  • Showcases the company's philanthropic efforts and initiatives.
  • Highlights the positive impact on the community or environment.
  • Features real stories and people who have benefited.
  • Emphasizes the company's commitment to social responsibility.
  • Inspires viewers to support these initiatives or causes.

The CSR video's length and format vary a lot. You can make a simple 2-minute animated video giving the overview or make a 5-minute-long film to convey the emotion and profound impact of your CSR.

What you do to help your community says a lot about your company’s culture and ethics, which a lot of people take into serious consideration.

It is a chance to show others what you stand for and is a good way to build further trust for anyone choosing to do business with you.

A CSR video is like a spotlight on the good that your company is doing in the world, showing that you're not just about business, but also about compassion and care.

ESG Videos: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Videos

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Videos are like a comprehensive report card for your company, showing how it performs not just financially, but also in terms of its impact on the world around it.

These videos give an overview of your company's environmental practices, social contributions, and governance principles. They highlight everything from your sustainability efforts and community involvement to your employee policies and corporate structure.

Here are some key distinguishing characteristics of ESG videos:

  • Showcases the company's environmental initiatives, like waste management or renewable energy use.
  • Highlights the company's social contributions, such as community development or diversity initiatives.
  • Explains the company's governance principles, including transparency, business ethics, and fair executive compensation.
  • Promotes the company's commitment to overall sustainable and ethical operations.
  • Engages viewers in the broader impact and role of the company in society.

The ideal length is 1-3 minutes.

You might see a overlap between CSR videos and ESG videos but have a important differentiation:

CSR Videos focus mainly on the social initiatives of a company, including philanthropy, volunteer work and community development. They showcase how a company is making a positive impact on society.

ESG Videos, on the other hand, cover a broader spectrum. They not only address social responsibility, but also environmental impact and corporate governance.

In essence, ESG videos are like a triple-decker sandwich, packing in a lot more information than a standard CSR video. They give viewers a 360-degree view of your company's ethos and actions.

Corporate Events, Conferences and Trade Show Videos

Events, conferences and Trade Show Videos are like a highlight reel of your company’s big day out, a great way to document and showcase company milestones and achievements, giving others a chance to see the fun side of the company as they progress together as a team.

They capture the excitement, activities, and interactions at your company events, whether they're conferences, trade shows, or other gatherings.

Here are some distinctive characteristics of these videos:

  • Captures key moments and activities at the event.
  • Showcases participant interactions and experiences.
  • Doesn't require a specific narrative or storyline.
  • Can be made pre-event to drum up excitement, or post-event to share highlights.
  • Focuses on the fun, energy, and buzz of the event.

Run anywhere between 1-3 minutes.

These videos can be made before the event to build anticipation, or after to showcase the highlights and keep the buzz going. They don't really need a storyline or narrative, just a focus on the fun and action!

You can also show your products in a professional way at these events. Here are the examples:

Product video for trade show booth display

In a nutshell, Event, Conference, or Trade Show Videos are like a time capsule of the event, allowing everyone to relive the excitement and fun long after it's over.

Training Videos like How-To, Safety Videos

Training Videos are like a classroom in video form. They educate employees or customers about various topics—how to use a product, follow a procedure, or maintain safety protocols. These instructional videos provide clear, step-by-step guidance, making complex topics easy to understand.

They are a vital resource for learning, often used in onboarding new employees, visitor in campus or teaching users about a new product or system.

I experienced them when I visited for the first time at Shell.

Here are some distinct features of these videos:

  • Provide clear, step-by-step instructions or demonstrations.
  • Aim to educate and inform about a specific topic or procedure.
  • Can include graphics, animations, or real-life demonstrations to aid understanding.
  • Often used for employee training, product tutorials, or safety briefings.
  • Can be paused, rewound, or rewatched, allowing users to learn at their own pace.

Length and format vary based on topic. Engagement and Education are equally important in these types of videos.

Training videos are extremely efficient methods for new recruits to learn about internal procedures and programs. Employees can view these videos as many times as they want at any given time, so it’s super convenient.

In essence, Training Videos are your go-to guides, making learning and understanding new things a breeze!

Internal Communication Videos

Internal Communication Videos are kind of like a company's personal news channel. They're used to share important updates, welcome new employees or customers, and even deliver reports to investors and stakeholders. Instead of sending out a long, text-heavy email, these videos bring messages to life in a more engaging and personal way.

Unique characteristics of Internal Communication Videos:

  • Deliver important company updates or announcements in an engaging format.
  • Used to welcome new employees or customers, making them feel part of the company family.
  • Can be utilized to share financial reports or updates with investors and stakeholders in an easy-to-understand way.
  • Provide a more personal and direct line of communication from company leadership.
  • Can cover a wide range of topics, from company achievements to changes in company policy.

Length and Format can vary. No specific data is available. Of course, the shorter the better.

To put it simply, Internal Communication Videos are like the friendly and engaging news anchors of your company, delivering important updates and messages in a much more personal and interactive way.

Announcement Videos

Announcement Videos are like a company's own exciting news flash. They broadcast special news about your company such as the launch of a new office, reaching a significant milestone, or even when the company goes public.

These videos are designed to share the excitement and significance of these moments with your audience, whether they are employees, customers, or stakeholders.

Here are a few characteristics of Announcement Videos:

  • They share exciting and important news about the company.
  • Can be used to celebrate achievements or milestones.
  • They create a sense of excitement and pride among the viewers.
  • Often used to share big changes or developments within the company.
  • They are a great way to publicly acknowledge the hard work of the team.

Keep it under 90 sec possibly, until necessary to make a longer.

Social Media Videos & More

The Social Media Videos & More category can encompass a broad variety of video content tailored specifically for social media platforms, celebrating special occasions, or sharing lighter, fun moments.

These videos are typically short, engaging, and crafted with the intention to be shared across a range of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. The content can include anything from company updates, product promotions, and behind-the-scenes peeks to holiday greetings, birthday celebrations, and even humorous bloopers!

Here are the key characteristics of social media videos for corporate companies:

  • Short, engaging, and designed for shareability on social platforms.
  • Celebrate special occasions, milestones, or light-hearted moments.
  • Can cover a diverse palette of topics.
  • Designed to drive engagement (likes, shares, comments).
  • Often include calls-to-action to inspire responses from viewers.
  • Contribute to a positive, friendly company culture.

Keep them under 60 seconds for best outcome!

Every social media platform has an algorithm that prefers videos over other forms of media for the obvious reason that videos are the fastest and most effective way to process information.

Social media videos are best when they evoke emotions in their audience because it encourages them to share it, which is the most important use of social media videos. Social media generates 12 times the shares than text and images combined!

And be sure to make it entertaining, because after all, what is social media without it!

And We’re Done!

TIP: Each company video can be repurposed for different channels and purposes. For example, a Testimonial video can be used in a Company introduction video, too! However, the ideation, budgets and process would be different for each video. So when making a new video focus on one significant purpose only to get the best from it.

What’s more, many of these could also be used as induction videos for new recruits, giving them a tour of the company’s history, brand identity, guidelines, policies, etc., in a more convenient and time-efficient manner. So after completing the videos, organize them properly.

I’ve compiled some important details to make corporate videos! *heart eyes*

What is a Corporate Video?

A corporate video is any non-advertisement video that focuses on your company, culture and employees as a whole. 

Unlike other kinds of videos, corporate videos can serve more than one purpose, ranging from staff training videos to safety videos to company culture videos, making them an extremely versatile tool for your video marketing strategies. This is one of the many reasons why businesses love corporate videos.

Speaking of which, why ARE they so sought after?

Why Corporate Videos are important for a Brand?

From brand promotions to testimonials to corporate overviews, corporate videos have time and again proven to be an ideal platform for both the business and the customer base.

They are so effective that businesses using them are able to grow their revenue 49% faster year on year than those that don’t! That is not a small number to ignore!

The following are the main reasons as to why businesses use corporate videos for their video marketing strategies.

Offers a better and quicker understanding of a brand, product or service

Viewers today are bombarded with information that becomes overwhelming and confusing at some point, so it’s important to make sure your message is easy to grasp and stands out.

Videos, being the most effective forms of communication today makes sure the message you’re trying to convey about your brand, product or service is delivered in the most digestible manner, in the shortest time possible.

They’re going to love you for it!

Connects on an emotional level with viewers

Corporate videos give you the freedom to give your audience something more than just information. You have the chance to deliver an experience.

You can add life to your message, and create a beautiful experience that your audience will never forget. When you connect with them on an emotional level, they’re bound to remember you, and most importantly, trust you.

It is an opportunity to show the human side

Human beings are social animals.

With corporate videos, you’re putting a face to your company and your employees. This again starts to build trust with the audience when they see that their services are provided by actual people like themselves.

In short, never underestimate how far an emotional bond can take you!

A corporate video for KinderWorld that appeals to parents, and showcases the human side of their company.

Can be custom made for specific events

Corporate videos come in so many types for specific events and audience groups (which we’ll get into later in a bit.)

This gives you the power to analyze and identify various types of audience and client needs, and create videos that pertain to those specific sectors. This versatility is one of the key benefits to corporate videos.

Best way to showcase your brand 

There are two main reasons for this.

First, because you’re essentially showcasing your brand history and journey, you have a golden chance to create an impactful story that will connect with your audience on a deeper level. The story, along with a pinch of creativity will definitely work wonders.

Second, it’s a virtual tour of your company’s various facilities and campuses. Your audience learn everything there is to know about your company by just spending a fraction of their time on a video.

Boom, you’ve got their attention and interest!

More traffic and higher conversion rates

75% of viewers visit a website after watching a video. This is self-explanatory as to why you need to include your corporate videos in your social media marketing platforms.

But wait, there’s more!

Videos on your homepage boost conversion rates by up to 20%!

When your website’s homepage has a video, your viewers tend to stay longer on it. This has proven to be very effective in boosting conversion rates, and before you know it, your once inquisitive viewer is now a happy customer!

Promotional videos can be instrumental in capturing viewers' attention and encouraging conversions

So clearly, corporate videos work for businesses! Now however, it is time to answer the next question.

Things To Keep in Mind When Making a Corporate Video

The best corporate videos are ones that encapsulate a key message into a brief video in a way that stays in your viewers’ thoughts long after they’ve seen it. Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating your own corporate video.

Decide the main objective and message

First and foremost, you need to identify your main objective, and it has to be an asset to your company. It needs to increase the value of your company for your customers, so communication has to be spot on.

Once you’ve figured out your objective and concept, build around it. And as much as you can, remember the golden rule – Keep it Simple and Relevant. 

A message doesn’t get better by just adding lots of information. It holds absolutely zero value if it’s irrelevant. And people want to understand your message, so do it in a way that they will get it.

With the objective and message at hand, you can be as creative as you want with it.

Decide the approach you want to take

By approach, I mean the tone of the video. 

Whether it’s serious, fun, inspiring, touching or funny, it all depends on what impression you want to make among your customers. 

It pays to study, research and know your target audience in order to know what kind of tone works best on them. After all, the goal is to make a good impression on them.

Focus on the benefits for your customers

Always remember, the video you’re making is aimed at your customers. It is for them. And if you want them to connect with your video, you need to make sure it resonates with them on an emotional level.

While listing information about your product or service is very informative, it won’t matter if your audience doesn’t recognize why they need it. You need to show them why you’re right for them. 

Tell a story

People love stories. We always have and always will!

Why? Because stories engage us on a very emotional level, making it easier to understand and feel what something or someone is trying to convey to us.

The same goes for corporate videos as well. Tell a story, and it’s a sure-fire way to entice them. You’re not just telling, you’re showing.

Besides, there’s more than one way to tell any story, so the creative possibilities are endless. 

Be short and specific

I cannot stress this enough. People nowadays simply do not have the time for long videos that drag on and on aimlessly around one topic. Too long is too boring.

As I mentioned earlier, pick one main message, stick to it and build around that one message. While there’s no steadfast rule as to how long a video must be, an ideal timeframe would be 1 to 10 minutes long, depending on the type of video. 

Come in, make your point quickly and effectively, create the desired impact on your audience, and leave! 

Don’t try too hard

I mean this for every aspect of the video.

Script – simple and conversational sounds natural. 

Language – you want people to understand you, not scratch their heads about what your jargons mean.

Visual elements – you do NOT want them distracted because there’s too much happening on the screen.

Keep it simple.

Choose the right video production company 

You do not have to do this on your own. In many cases, handing the task of creating an epic corporate video over to a video production company is the best option. They are well versed with the art and will make sure to deliver the best of the best.

With that said, you need to make sure you find a company that works best for you. That means research.

Study their portfolios. Read their client and customer reviews. See if they have experience making similar videos to the style you’re looking for. 

And if you’ve found one that suits you, pitch your idea to them and let them work wonders for you!

So, there you have it! That’s everything you need to know about corporate videos with a whole bunch of the best videos to inspire you!

There’s no doubt that corporate videos are essential to the growth of a business in this world of video. And now that you know what to do, jump right at it and get your business out into the world in the best way possible!

And don’t worry, you are not alone in this journey. If you need any help in creating your very own killer corporate video, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our doors are always open, because videos are what we do!

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