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Have you been tasked with creating an HR video? Are you looking for concepts or inspirations for that eyeball-rolling HR video? Jackpot Alert: I will share 21 fantastic examples to help you conceptualize a high-quality HR video. Let's get those eyeballs rolling, baby!

1. LEAP - Agency Video

It is simple, yet powerful. This video shows Incredible team work. Overall presentation of the video is very engaging. And they managed to point their capabilities very subtly (without bragging).

People with mixed race and culture are seen working together.

And their company mission is very well rehearsed in the video. 

2. Netflix Culture

Netflix highlighted two core values in this video: Freedom and Responsibility.

They determine the productivity of its employees.

In the Creativity area, Netflix amazed with pretty amazing cinematics (as usual).

3. Digistorm Company Culture Video

Through their interior and employees, they are demonstrating office culture (employee testimonial and working culture). The visuals in this clip are shot in a very professional sense to convey that first impression.

The way it’s shot keeps the content quite enticing and engaging.

4. Fiverr

As far as funny hiring videos go, this is probably one of the best. It shows a level of self-awareness and individuality that is sure to appeal to prospective employees.

5. Google

The video highlights many perks offered at Google. It’s aspirational, progressive, highly collaborative, and there are tons of employee benefits. You watch it, and you instantly want in.

6. Ellevation Education

A straightforward video that does its purpose well.

It attracts new employee and motivates them to apply for a job.

They focused on Company Growth, Diversity and Culture. A prime example of a good HR video.

7. Tala

The video shows the company in a bright and beautiful light. It enhances their credibility and authenticity by a hundred miles. Who will not want to work with such a positive and generous company.

8. HubSpotLife

This video is longer than others I have shared. A narrator describing the quality of work life and multiple camera angles building up a powerful brand.

9. 37Signals

A calm and soothing video that can make you fall into slumberness. I loved how they promoted remote work culture in such a way.

10. BambooHR

The video motivates candidates to be creative, successful, and committed in their career at BambooHR.

That, while finding plenty of time to enjoy a personal life. Isn’t that something every employee loves to hear?

11. Lollypop

Through this video, I learned Lollypop is one of the best UI/UX companies in India, where office culture is very astounding. This video can even entice the sulkiest to work with them happily.

12. AQM Technologies 

It's an Ad film for HR purpose. The storytelling in this video successfully shares the feeling of togetherness, teamwork, and humanity.

13. Prega News

Another Ad film with an emotional setting.

It's made for a special occasion (Mother’s Day in India).

It shows a decent approach to inspire female hiring through love, care and respect.

14. Spectrum-The Muse

A generic yet powerful example of an HR video. Various narrators (employees) talking about their experiences at working for the said company.

Spectrum employees take pride in their fast-paced and dynamic work culture encouraging each other to reach their full potential. 

15. Zendesk

The video gives a clear sense of the warm and inclusive workplace culture at Zendesk.

This recruiting video is an oldie but a goodie.

Released in 2012, it has since racked up more than 350,000 views, outperforming several major brands. The company believes in work-life balance, giving back to the local community, and fostering an environment where everybody belongs.

16. Zappos Family

An interactive video which shows the culture of the company. Many B-roles and interviews of current employees give it a very friendly and fun theme. New recruits may be attracted by its lively culture and co-operative team.

17. H&M

This recruitment video reflects the brand’s inherent creativity. As you’d expect from a fashion brand, it’s extremely well shot, moving, and aesthetically pleasing.

Through the red thread only they tried to show the company’s core values of diversity and inclusion, collaboration, sustainability, and teamwork.

18. Heineken

The video takes the format of an interactive interview.

The viewer is asked 12 questions. As the interview progresses, the interactive video showcases the huge range of exciting opportunities available to Heineken employee.

19. GrubHub

The format is personal and serves to reflect both the company’s culture and the core nature of its business: delivering good food.

20. The U.S. Space Force


A short video with strong script and visuals.

The narration ends with the words “the future is where I’ll make history.” This implies that a successful applicant would have a unique opportunity to be a part of something that is much bigger than them.

21. Dropbox

This is a unique way to tell about your company and office culture.

Rather than casting employees in video, they have used Puppets of them (a very impressive way and shows the fun side of the company).

The puppets effectively communicate many of the benefits of working at Dropbox including its positive workforce, down-to-earth and diverse culture.

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