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Lookin’ for an explainer video agency, cobber?

We have masterfully pieced together one of the best agencies in Australia. And they can create mindboggling videos for your business, no matter what industry or budget you have in your pocket.

The What and the Why?

Explainer videos can explain complicated ideas or solutions in a simplified way.

(Imagine telling thermodynamics principles to a six-years-old)

Having a SaaS product or solution is not enough. You have to market it to people who can benefit from it.

And that’s why you need an explainer video. Because your audience loves videos 😍

And having someone (or something) who can explain your solution to people is bliss.

Plus, an explainer video helps you stand out from the competition.

Top 7 Explainer Video Production Companies in Australia

1. Vidico

They are smart, creative, and experienced.

That’s the standard requirement for a great video production company.

Specializing in television commercials, Vidico also produces explainer and product videos.

Albeit our competitor, we respect Vidico because they are also trying to solve problems like we are. The problem of simplifying things.

Their Major Clients: 

  • Square
  • Spotify
  • Airtable
  • Digital Ocean 

Price starts from $7000

Clutch Ratings: 4.9/5 (19 Reviews)

Company Age: 7 years

Team Size: 50+

2. Motionlab Studio

Motionlabs is a veteran video production company from Australia. They have created explainer videos tailored mainly for startups and small businesses.

They have delivered some decent 2D and 3D videos over the years.

Their storytelling is great, and their animation gives cool 2000s vibes.

Didn't confuse them with Czech’s MotionLabs (Personalized Video SaaS Platform).

Major Clients: 

  • eBay
  • Coca-Cola 
  • Linkedin
  • Sony Music

Price starts from $10000

Clutch Ratings: 4.9/5 (8 Reviews)

Company Age: 12 years

Team Size: 2-9

3. What a Story 

What a Story is specialized in SaaS product videos for modern businesses.

All they talk about is SaaS products and solutions. Some find it very annoying (including me).

The company is global and spread throughout the world. This allows them to deliver excellent quality (because talent can be anywhere).

Being a remote team, What a Story utilizes the elements of creativity and technology to deliver projects timely, wherever you are.

However, with great quality and customization comes the issue of scalability.

With limited resources and unlimited passion, What a Story works with only a few clients every month. Nonetheless, they are quick to respond and are very humble.

Do you know: What a Story is the only Explainer Video Agency with a complete 5-star rating. So, 100% Satisfaction is expected.

Major Clients:

  • Uber
  • HCL
  • HighRadius
  • Hewlett-Packard

Price starts from $2400

Clutch Ratings: 5/5 (25 reviews)

Company Age: 7 years

Team Size: 30+

4. Animotion

Besides the clever play in their name, Animotion has a pretty good specialization in Software walkthroughs and tutorials (screencasts).

However, they still have a long road ahead for explainer videos.

Major Clients: 

  • NETSOL Technologies
  • LoopLearn
  • Crowdshop
  • Regalo

Price starts from $2000

Clutch Ratings: 5/5 (4 reviews)

Company Age: 5 years

Team Size: 2-9

5. Explanimate

Specializing in corporate and government industries, Explanimate is one of the leading animation companies in Australia.

Explanimate is one of those companies that doesn’t make you feel like “just a client.”

Their team is small but cooperative and diligent.

Being a video production company for over 15 years is a skill in itself.

Major Clients: 

  • Exxon Mobil
  • Telstra, Queensland University
  • Garmin
  • Rio Tinto

Price starts from $2000

Clutch Ratings: 5/5 (4 reviews)

Company Age: 15 years

Team Size: 2-9

6. Lumeo

Transparent pricing, quick turnaround, and years of experience.

They provide three fixed-priced packages. (Yes, they are product-based, not service-based 🤠)

The basic package starts at $3500 for a 60-seconds infographic-styled video.

Their best package starts at $10,000 for the same length. These prices are exclusive of taxes.

However, Lumeo only provides one revision throughout the production cycle.

So, If you want more control in the video production process, one revision is not enough for you.

Major Clients: 

  • Wilson Security
  • IRT
  • HM Focus
  • Rose and Jones

Facebook Ratings: 4/5 (5 Reviews)

Price Range: $3500 for a basic video

Company Age: 9 years

Team Size: Unknown

We could not find Lumeo in any business directory, so please make sure you trust the source before investing your time in it.

7. Punchy digital media

Their website looked cool, but we could not find any testimonials, showreel, or even a single review on any trustworthy business directory.

Why did we include this in our list? To be honest, I am not sure. But their portfolio is relatively big and promising for startups to SMEs.

Though I’d not invest my one buck on someone I cannot trust.

Major Clients: 

  • Arena
  • Steadfast
  • Intel
  • KPMG

Price starts from $6000

Clutch Ratings: Unrated

Company Age: 9 years

Team Size: 2-9

We have spent weeks researching more than 50 companies in Australia to create this list. That being said, we tried our best to create a non-biased list. But feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns or remarks.

Pro tip: Before investing in any Explainer Video Agency, make sure they justify the value you are investing with them. There are many, many agencies out there charging a hefty sum and delivering “templates” in the name of explainer videos. 

Read what to look for in an explainer video agency. You will be surprised how many overrated agencies are out there.Still not sure? Reach out to us, and we will help you find the perfect explainer video agency specialized in your industry.

Rees Gargi
I am a SaaS Strategist, Video Producer and a Copywriter. I have a knack for storytelling and creativity. Using tech as an advantage for over a decade.

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