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There was a small startup in Sweden, which pioneered music streaming in the entire world. There services were simpler enough to be used by a toddler.

Yet they still struggled to capitalise on their solution. Most of their revenue was lost to music labels. And the company had been in loss for years.

Spotify, eventually overcome this situation by introducing non-label streaming services (like podcasts).

But people were not aware (and even reluctant to stream podcasts on the platform).

But one explainer video changed everything.

With pricing lower than Apple Music, and a podcast service better than TuneIn, Spotify for Podcasters become superhit.

And what made that happen?

that little explainer video.

We’ve been working days and nights to produce groundbreaking explainer videos for SaaS platforms and modern solutions. And we know the value such videos can bring to innovators.

Today, we present best explainer video agencies in UK that has helped numerous companies establish their brand and products in the heart of millions.

Top 6 Explainer Video Production Companies in the UK

1. Skeleton Ltd

Looking for an all-in-one video agency that can create your video, design your website and market your content? Then you might want to look at Skeleton and things they can do.

Skeleton has created several explainer videos over the year and they are only going upwords.

Although a bit hefty on the pocket, they know what they are doing.

Major Clients: Albert, NatWest, QUL, Europa Road

Price starts from €10,000 

Clutch Ratings: Not Rated

Company Age: 17 years

Team Size: 13

2. What a Story

What a Story is a specialized explainer video company for modern businesses.

All they talk about is SaaS products and solutions. Some find it very annoying (including me).

Being a remote team, What a Story utilizes the elements of creativity and technology to deliver projects timely, wherever you are.

However, with great quality and customization comes the issue of scalability.

With limited resources and unlimited passion, What a Story works with only a few clients every month. Nonetheless, they are quick to respond and are very humble.

Do you know: What a Story is the only company dedicated to creating Explainer Videos for SaaS Products?

Major Clients: JustCall, Builder.Ai, Glorify, Cascade, HighRadius, L&T, Uber, Hewlett-Packard

Price starts from €2400

Company Age: 8 years

Team Size: 30+

Clutch Ratings: 5/5 (45 reviews) + many customer success story videos.


3. Stormy Studio

With a Pricing Calculator on their website, you can easily calculate the price. Even before getting on a call with them!

With budget concerns out of the window, Stormy Studio takes your idea to build a stonking explainer video.

They have created a dozens of videos in past few years, and scored a rank in this list. 

Major Clients: Moodys, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Western Power Distribution, Thermo Fisher

Price starts from €6,000 

Clutch Ratings: 5/5 (6 Reviews)

Company Age: 9 years

Team Size: 11

4. Curveball Media

A wee bit on the pricey side if you ask me, nonetheless, Curveball is one of those agencies that actually love what they do. Fortunately, that’s making videos.

You can feel awesome as soon as you land on their website. See the video below (their recent work) and maybe you will hit the same chords. 

Their animation is alright, but their copywriting is wicked! In a good way.

Major Clients: University of Kent, Wiley Edge, Finder, Riba

Price starts from €10,000

Clutch Ratings: Not Rated

Company Age: 10 years

Team Size: 8


5. Lost Marble Media

Lost Marble is creative, fun and affordable. 

One of the biggest issue I found was, they don’t have in-house team. They hire freelancers for the tasks needed. Biggest problem with agencies like such is their unpredictability.

Unpredictability in Pricing, Quality and Turnaround time.

Maybe their freelancer is not available, and doomed your project will go.

I enjoyed their blogs though. Weirdly funny.

Major Clients: McDonalds, M&S, Mercer

Price starts from €2,000

Clutch Ratings: Not Rated

Company Age: 11 years

Team Size: 2


6. Topline Film

Based in London, Topline Film has been in business for over a decade.

They work closely with core teams of their clients and believe in “sharp messaging”, which is a great sign if you’re looking for an explainer video company.

They create beautiful corporate and explainer videos (see the example below)

Major Clients: Admiral Insurance, American Express, AutoTrader, Trustpilot

Price starts from €10,000

Clutch Ratings: 4.9/5 (22 Reviews)

Company Age: 14 years

Team Size: 10

We have spent weeks researching 50+ companies in UK to create this list. But feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns or remarks.

Pro tip: Before investing in any Explainer Video Agency, make sure they justify the value you are investing with them. There are many, many agencies out there charging a hefty sum and delivering “templates” in the name of explainer videos. 

Read what to look for in an explainer video agency. You will be surprised how many overrated agencies are out there.

Still not sure? Reach out to us, and we will help you find the perfect explainer video agency specialized in your industry

Long live the King.

Rees Gargi
I am a SaaS Strategist, Video Producer and a Copywriter. I have a knack for storytelling and creativity. Using tech as an advantage for over a decade.

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