Mastering the Art of Character Animation Videos: The Making of Our Epic Creation for Harns Technologies


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Once upon a time, in a world of cutting-edge tech and mind-blowing solutions, there was a company called Harns Technologies. These tech wizards were all about intricate workflow automation and mind-blowing custom solutions!

Enter Abdullah and Sonali, the dynamic duo from Harns, with an EPIC challenge! They wanted a video that would unleash the essence of their company and show off their tech expertise.

But here's the twist - no direct sales pitches allowed! They wanted to tell a story through a character animation video that would blow everyone's minds and leave them in awe. 

So, we put on our thinking caps and our research began. After hours of scrolling and bins full of discarded ideas, right when we were about to doze off, we landed on Minima by Ordinary Folks. Ethereal music started playing in the background and Minima became our guiding light for visual style.

We crafted a concept doc (yeah, we went fancy!) for a character animation video to weave Harns’ extraordinary journey. Picture this: Character animation of a brave mountaineer (representing their audience) aiming high, chasing dreams, and facing challenges along the way. That's right! Harns was the guiding spark that led them to reach the top faster! 

Scripting - Cooking up the Tale

With no direct mentions of services, we needed a storyline that would scream Harns' brand values without saying a word about their tech prowess.

Our secret weapon? A cool silhouette-style character! No need for faces when you can convey emotions through body language! We nailed the art of silent communication.

Storyboarding for a Character Animation Video- Mixin' it Up!

Balancing character-driven storytelling with abstract elements was like mixing the perfect tech potion!

So, we whipped up an enchanting storyboard - a visual roadmap that took viewers on a wild ride. Our characters danced through thrilling adventures, blending seamlessly with eye-catching visuals. Abracadabra! 

Designing the Perfect Character

How to tug at heartstrings without showing a single face? Easy peasy!

We unleashed our creative mojo and turned characters into emotion-packed vessels. No facial expressions, no problemo! With dynamite body language, we tugged at those heartstrings like a magician pulling rabbits from a hat! 

Animation- Magic of Character and Abstract Elements

Two animation styles walk into a bar… err, we mean, one seamless video!

Our animation squad was on FIRE! We danced between character-driven sequences and abstract magic, never missing a beat. The pace? Perfected! The transitions? Smooth as butter! We sprinkled design elements like confetti, jazzing up the video in style. And boy, did we pull off those glow and shadow effects like a boss! 

Result: Harns' Tech Wonderland!

Ta-da! Harns Technologies' Brand Story was a triumph, my friends! We showcased their values with heart, soul, and not a single mention of services. It was a rollercoaster of creativity, laughs, and way too much coffee (but hey, who's complaining?). And all thanks to the work of Ordinary Folks that got our creative juices flowing!

Our video nailed the bullseye in their industry and earned a spot in our magical portfolio (credits included, of course!). At What a Story, we don't just create videos; we spin captivating tales of brand enchantment! "Harns Technologies Brand Video" is just one of our many adventures - there's more magic coming your way soon!

So buckle up! The journey of tech wonders and wild creativity awaits. See you on the flip side!

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Masterminds Behind This Masterpiece:

  • Creative Director- Ruchi
  • Script Writer- Samarth
  • Designer- Balraj
  • Animator- Shailendra
  • Music & SFX- Stas
  • Video Producer- Shivam

Ruchi Chilamwar
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