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Starting from the bottom is not an easy task. Rahul Verma was another guy who like many of us had the dream to launch his own company. He didn’t come from a strong financial background and neither did he have the resources to start an enterprise, but that didn’t stop him. If anything, every challenge, every hurdle in his journey only motivated him to do better and prove the naysayers wrong. Due to limited amount capital, he wore many hats for the company and one of them was being a professional editor. These were some of the editing apps that made his tasks significantly easier.

InVideo (Absolute Favorite)

Time is money, and Rahul knew this more than anybody. InVideo is a powerful and efficient online editor that comes with over 5000+ templates, a music library, iStock Media, special effects, and much more. He used the free-of-cost tool that offers some of the most unique features that help in boosting your editing efforts. Pros and cons are great for reading experience and SEO. If you are creating listicles, this will be a great tool in your arsenal.

From customizable templates to in-made templates, you can do as you please and expect an appealing video. Moreover, the easy-to-understand interface makes it effortless for marketers to produce their videos. 

2. Animoto

Animoto is one of the most popular video-making tools used by marketers across the marketplace today. It offers features that are smooth as butter. If you’re interested in designing video photo slide shows while incorporating fun music into the video, this is the perfect tool for you. 

The drag and drop feature allows you to easily import your pictures and video clips onto in-built templates. From a variety of font colors, music options, and other features, this tool allows you to personalize and humanize your video. 

3. iSpring Suite 

Every Windows user should grab their hands on this exquisite tool. iSpring Suite is a sophisticated virtual studio for creating some of the most phenomenal and unique live-action videos. You can access a myriad of tools designed to help you amplify the quality of your video. 

From making a screencast, capturing a live-action video, or even recording a webcam video, iSpring Suite caters to all your video-making needs. You can, moreover, easily mix different videos and incorporate background music and voice-overs for special effects. 

4. Animaker 

Animaker is another of the greatest video-making tools that Mr. Rahul tried to humanise his videos. Many advertisers believe that this tool is impacting the very future of video advertising. This software is ideal for beginners as well as professional video editing enthusiasts. From live-action to animated explainer videos, make use of a few of the most exciting features and bring your imagination into reality. 

The tool exclusively caters to three elements- Video making, live video editing, and GIF and short video making. There are over a multitude of templates, font colors and sizes, and other features that allow you to enhance the quality of your videos. 

5. Toonly 

Despite a maze of challenges, Mr Rahul was able to ease his marketing journey through editing apps like Toonly. Toonly strives hard to help every advertiser amplify their video-making efforts. It is one of the most simple tools that anybody can use. It offers a drop and drag feature which makes it effortless for users to import their clips for video making. The tool is known for its ability to create classy cartoon motion graphics videos for marketers wanting to explain complex products in a simple manner. 

The video maker includes a very easy-to-comprehend interface. Moreover, users can access several animated characters, text animations, prop images, animated backgrounds, and so on in the content library. With such superior features, you’re bound to create videos that help your brand stand out. 

6. Biteable 

Biteable is an easy-to-use video-making tool that has helped several marketers create some of the most remarkable videos. What made this tool ideal for Mr Rahul’s videos is that, it allowed him to create video content that drived action. The drag-and-drop feature allows users to easily import clips from their library. 

Moreover, users can also customize their videos by adding animation colors of their personal choice. Not to forget, Biteable offers a plethora of templates for users so that they never run out of options. The intuitive software allows you to record, edit, and publish your video within a few minutes. 

7. Vyond  

Vyond is another excellent video-making tool that was the ladder to Mr Rahul’s success. It specializes in creating efficient advertising videos. Many advertisers use this tool to create interactive animated explainer videos. The collaborative feature that this tool is enabled with makes it easy for you to edit the video along with your team members. 

Thus, all your team members can collectively contribute to your explainer video. With flexible pricing models, it is safe to say that you can access countless effects and features feasibly. 

8. Renderforest 

Renderforest is an exceptional video-making tool that can help you take your explainer video production process a notch up. The tool allows you to create a personalized logo, as well as, add graphic effects, and so on to make your videos nothing less than perfect. 

Another distinctive feature of this tool is that it lets you export your video into various sizes without any watermark. Furthermore, the AI-based feature, script to feature, allows you auto-generate a video that matches your script. With such exemplary features, you have a real chance at creating an interactive DIY explainer video. 

9. Camtasia 

Camtasia is a tool designed for screen capturing as well as webcam recording. Compatible with Windows and Mac, the premium tool offers basic yet worthwhile editing options to help you give your videos a smooth finish. 

Quality is an extremely crucial aspect of your video and Camtasia understands this. There is a wide range of effects, font colors and sizes, and other elements that you can use to create fun-loving explainer videos. Moreover, the Camtasia Library provides a variety of music tracks that you can incorporate into your video. 

10. Powtoon 

Powtoon is a high-quality tool that has a very straightforward interface that allows you to create mind-blowing videos effortlessly. This tool was a window for opportunity for Mr Rahul as he was able to create short animated videos and add some of the most stunning features to enhance his video’s outcome. 

One of the common video types that this tool is used for making is the whiteboard doodle video. This is a famous explainer video type that offers a step-by-step guide for viewers so that they can comprehend the functionality of a specific product or service. Since consumers across the internet today prefer this video type, you should consider making such videos with this tool. 

Bottom Line 

You might have the most promising and clear-cut content for your website. However, you might still find it challenging to spread your message across your audience. Ever wondered why? Well, your audience may need a little more push and assurance as to why they should be investing in your business. 

For this purpose, it is highly vital that you create content that truly speaks to your audience. An explainer video is an excellent video type that allows you to illustrate your products in a way that appeals to your audience. 

Not only can you build your brand value with an attractive and informative explainer video, but it can also help you establish a long-term relationship with your customers and customers to be. 

Let’s face it, everybody loves visually-pleasing content. You have absolutely no idea how many people are more inclined to click on your website or YouTube video if they see an exciting thumbnail. 

Video marketing is undeniably one of the most unbeatable ways to advertise your products and lure the attention of your customers. These are some of the top tools that you should be using to create a visually engaging explainer video, just like Mr. Rahul did. It is essential that you do sufficient research on your part to determine which one of these tools might benefit you the most. if you can invest, then invest in professional explainer video services from top-notch brands like What A Story . This will be the best investment you will make

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