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TLDR: You will find source files in this case study. It will help you understand our process to create successful videos.

Achraf needed a video to enunciate his brand messaging. And he ended up getting one of the most successful explainer videos EVER MADE.

Early in 2020, Achraf contacted Vicasso (What a Story) in hopes of attracting B2B companies to use Upsend in their Sales strategies. The problem was: the platform was new and not popular.

And he had a couple of competitors offering similar services. He needed something to make his SaaS stand out. For that, he hired "What a Story."

After contacting What a Story, Vicasso and the team called him for a briefing.

Within 45 minutes, he explained his business to us and filled out our "creative brief" questionnaire.

upsend case study creative brief


We studied his platform, did UX research, and created a video watched by over 20 thousand business owners worldwide.

How we planned the video 🧠

It took us 2 business days to understand his business, his ideal customers, and the kind of videos he needed for a market headstart.

Vicasso gave the client an estimation of 6 weeks, gathered his artist team, and began the process I am about to share with you today.

The Script ✍🏼

It all started with scriptwriting.

A good script acts as a foundation for a great video.

Creative Director, alongside the writer, came up with a script with one objective: to highlight the customer engagement platform (Upsend) and its biggest USP: Affordability.

Upsend case study script

The client loved it.

Time taken: 5 days

And after a couple of iterations, we moved to the next stage.

Storyboard 🎞️

There are various ways to design a storyboard.

The main goal is to transfer the director's vision to the client. This stage helps the client to sync with the project flow and single out the points that carry more weight than the others.

Vicasso, alongside a very skilled illustrator, defined the storyboard.

Time taken: 2 days

upsend case study storyboard upsend case study storyboard upsend case study storyboard upsend case study storyboard upsend case study storyboard upsend case study storyboard

See rest of the storyboard here.

Stylescape πŸŒ„

After the client approved the vision, Vicasso quickly took this project to our Design department.

Together they created a few stylescapes for the client to choose from.

Stylescape lets the client choose the desired illustration and design style from various options.

It saves them from unpleasant surprises from some unknown designers.

upsend case study stylescapeΒ upsend case study stylescapeupsend case study stylescapeupsend case study stylescapeupsend case study stylescapeupsend case study stylescape

Time taken: 3 days

Once the stylescape is selected, our designers start shaping the video.

Design πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸŽ¨

This is when the client starts seeing the actual formation of the video. The ideation part is now over.

Most people confuse design with "appearance." Design is all about making consumers understand the product better. With a skilled designer, you won't have to worry about what will look good and what won't.

With our designers, the client did not have to worry about shadows, colors, tints, UI, or anything else. They tell us about their business, and we create what their customers will love.

Upsend folks loved our designs and illustrations (no bragging).

Time taken: 10 days

After the designers submitted their files, we put our animators to work.

Voice-over 🎀

We let our clients choose the voice-over they like from a pool of reliable voice-actors.

While the Upsend team was having fun choosing their favorite artist, we were busy creating the design for them.

Time taken: It was done side-by-side with design. So, none for the client.

Generally, it takes 2-3 days.

Animation πŸ•ΊπŸ»

Our Creative Directors study explainer videos a LOT.

And with a keen eye for motion, Vicasso helped animators shape the video. From flying dollar signs to floating UIs. The entire animation was done within 10 days.

It took 3 more days (feedback and slight revisions) to finalize the video.

Time taken: 13 days

Now only one thing left - Sound mixing and SFX.

Sound Mixing 🎼

Our Sound designers makes sure every motion is impactful.

This project was no different.

The crisp sound effects mixed with music and voice-over marked our video – complete.

Time taken: 1 day

The Result πŸ₯³

We still had 1 day left (expected delivery). That day we popped open a bottle of champagne and toasted to our client's success.

The client was very understanding, provided timely feedback, and believed in our work.

That's what made this video a success. And an inspiration to produce over 100 videos within 2 years!

The client had 200k sales within one month of releasing the video on their website and social channels.

upsend case study

Do you want a great experience like the rest of our clients?

Do you want to have THE explainer video for your product or company?

Do you want a brilliant MRR for your SaaS?

How about an impressive ROI?

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If you have read thus far, let me introduce the team behind the scenes. Or their computer tables. Whatevs...


Vicasso - CEO - What a Story

Vicasso, Director

Shailendra Gothi - Animation Head - What a Story

Shailendra, Animator

Yogendra Sharma - Design Head - What a Story

Yogendra, Designer









Voice Over was given by Bill M.

You can hear more of him here:

And Ritesh, who co-directed the video with Vicasso.

Aniket created the script.

Rees Gargi
I am a SaaS Strategist, Video Producer and a Copywriter. I have a knack for storytelling and creativity. Using tech as an advantage for over a decade.

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