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Building a new product or starting a new service already requires a herculean effort, and you have already toiled hard to make your product a masterpiece. Now, comes the time to spread the talk about your brand’s new product or service, and nothing can do better than a 90-second explainer video, which grabs the interest of the audience instantly.

But then how do you create a visually engaging explainer video from scratch and then promote it to the right group of potential customers? In order to get your job done seamlessly, you need to delegate the work to one of the best explainer video companies in India. The highly skilled professionals in a renowned explainer video production company will create, promote, and advertise your explainer video to the right audiences.

On the other hand, given the upsurge of explainer video companies in India, it has become an overwhelming task to choose one among the lot. Each explainer video company in India provides its unique services, and hence, deciding the one that suits you perfectly becomes intimidating.

To make your task less daunting, we have researched thoroughly and come up with the top  explainer video companies in India in this article.

You might also get perplexed while selecting one among these 10 companies. Therefore, it is imperative for you first to understand what to look for in an explainer video company before choosing it. It is advisable to get your fundamentals clear before jumping over to the Top-10 section. Read on to know more.

Table of Content

Why Does Your Business Need Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are exceptional when it comes to capturing viewers attention and showcasing complex information in a simpler manner. It has proven effective in increasing conversion rates. A recent survey by Wyzowl has shown that explainer videos have been able to persuade 84% of prospects to buy a product after they have seen an explainer video about the product.

Videos are a proven format of engaging with people, and they work perfectly to hold consumer’s interest. With the attention span of the general public at a significantly smaller number of 8 seconds, it is important to enthrall people, so that they can act on the information being showcased to them.

This is where effective explainer videos come in, and they can be the difference between a conversion and an opportunity.  

Things To Look For When Choosing An Explainer Video Production Agency

There are a couple of key factors that you must have in mind while choosing the best explainer video production company for your requirement. We understand that everyone has their specific requirements, and hence, selecting the right company becomes crucial. Always have your eyes on the following factors, which will make your task of selection easier:


Among the list of factors that are essential to narrow-down an explainer video production company, communication stands out to be the most essential one. A video explainer company can only create the right product advertisement if they listen to your requirements and goals.

While browsing through these companies, keep your ears open and pay attention to the fact whether the team is listening to your requirements properly or not. If they do, then you can tick off one box from your checklist. On the other hand, if you feel that it gets hard to communicate with their team members, then you should put that up as a red flag!


The next in the list comes the quality of work that the company provides. Before finalizing any explainer video company in India, it is imperative that you study the company’s portfolio thoroughly.

Do give a critical watch to their previously made videos and read the reviews of other customers regarding their works to gauge their quality of work. Ask yourself whether the company’s style matches your product or service. Look closely at their previous works to decide whether they match with your expectation standards or not.

Explainer videos must captivate your audience, like this one does


Every customer is different with different sets of styles and requirements, and hence, it becomes crucial for any explainer video company in India to offer a wide palate of customization to their customers. The explainer video that you need for your product or service must showcase your brand’s tone in the right light.

Keep an eye on whether the company is flexible enough to provide you with proper customizations tailored to your needs or simply stick with their pre-existing templates.


The last, but definitely not the least factor to keep in mind while choosing an explainer video company in India is the price at which they are offering their service. You at least must get what you pay for, if not more.

It is advisable to compare the prices of other companies with their quality of work, before choosing one. According to the market norms, if an explainer video production company works on fixed templates, then the price will be lower than that of those who offer full customization.

Having mentioned all the essential factors that you should keep in mind while choosing the best animated video explainer company, let’s delve into the list of top 10 amazing companies that deal with explainer video production. 

10 Best Explainer Video Companies In India

Here is a curated list of the best explainer video companies in India, known for their excellent explainer videos, immeasurable creativity, and the best customer satisfaction ratings:

  1. What a Story
  2. Studiotale
  3. Post Office Studios
  4. Broadcast2World
  5. WowMakers
  6. Mypromovideos
  7. Bot Videos
  8. Transpixel Studio
  9. Explainers
  10. Ripple Animation

Let us see what makes these Indian explainer video companies the best in the business, and what their exceptional work is.

1.  What A Story

If you are on the lookout for an explainer video production company that offers services at pocket-friendly prices, then look no further than What A Story. Our company is undoubtedly one of the best explainer video companies in India. An integrated team understands the importance of blending together branding, animation, and marketing to bring forth a video that matches the tone of your brand.

We are one such company that provides you with a well-balanced cocktail of premium quality, seamless communication, tailor-made customization, and affordable price. The team of creative misfits forms the backbone of our company, ensuring customer satisfaction at every level.

Here, you will not compromise on quality and pay just the right amount necessary to get your video created according to your specific needs and goals.

2.  Studiotale

If we had just one shot at pinpointing the best explainer video company in Bangalore, then Studiotale is the name that we would recommend. The creative misfits at Studiotale are a group of "videophiles" with an inherited talent of changing ideas into compelling stories.

Studiotale has created over 350 videos for 150 companies internationally. They have built up their reputation in the field of media production with their marvelous explainer videos. They are the people who inherently know the magic of converting your audience into long-term loyal customers.

3.  Post Office Studios

Ranking among the top 10 explainer video companies in India, Post Office Studios has a dedicated creative team that works diligently to bring life to your brand with their explainer videos. The company is known for its amazing customer support, where you can freely discuss your views, style, and motive of your brand, and they will sprinkle life to it!

The team of creative misfits at Post Office Studios, work together to build up a beautiful concept story, which will be strictly based on your instructions and motive.

4.  Broadcast2world

Broadcast2world, popularly known as B2W, is the company of creative dreamers. They have a reputation for building trust among their customers by creating some of the best emotional animated video stories. We all know that people buy emotions first before purchasing any product, and Broadcast2world does it remarkably.

Broadcast2world is undoubtedly one of the best corporate video makers in Gurgaon, providing top-notch customer experience with flawless work. If building a story around your brand or product is your requirement, then Broadcast2world is the name to trust.


5.  WowMakers

Wow Makers is another digital media studio that deserves to be in the list of best video explainer companies in India. Having worked with big global brands like Mercedes Benz, Wow Makers have undeniably etched a mark of quality in their work. The company's highly skilled team of artists, video makers, and engineers work behind the scene to provide top-notch explainer videos to their customers.

6.  Mypromovideos

The company that believes in creating top-quality viewer experiences for its customers’ brands that loves to shake things up is Mypromovideos. They have a reputation in the market for creating compelling animated videos while strictly adhering to the strategy.

Mypromovideos ranks among the top 3 explainer video companies in Tamil Nadu and has the USP to throw the limelight on your brand with an effective and emotional animated video. They have worked with a myriad of big brands, such as SBI, HCL, Flipkart, Bookmyshow, and many more.

7.  Bot Videos

Based in Mumbai, Bot Videos is the company that has an upper edge in creating video communication. When in need of solid, crisp, and emotionally-gripping animated videos for your brand, Bot Videos is the name that you go to.

Bot Videos' sole motto is to make their customers believe that they did the right thing by choosing them by making explainer videos of outstanding quality, whether it is infographics or 2D animation or live-action video, Bot Videos excel in all.

8.  Transpixel Studio

If you are looking for the best explainer video company in Delhi, then your one-stop destination will be Transpixel Studio. They are a company that is dedicated to creating the most compelling story about your business.

The highly skilled professionals working behind the scenes in Transpixel Studio does it all – from building engaging storyboards to creating captivating animation with the highest quality graphics.

With the sole motto to create the perfect video that converts the audience into potential customers, Transpixel Studio showcases your business in a new light.

9.  Explainers

Producing premium quality stories and using animation to simplify complex concepts are the main characteristics of Explainers. There are very few companies, nationally and internationally that have the conviction to change the world through video storytelling and Explainers is indisputably one among them.

Being one of the best explainer video companies in India, the dedicated team of Explainers immerses in every project with proper communication with the customer to bring forth the supreme quality.

10.  Ripple Animation

Ripple Animation is one of Mumbai’s foremost animation studios, and their portfolio shows exactly why. Their work encompasses a wide repertoire of offerings, and they specialize in B2B projects.   

From launching highly successful creative campaigns for social organizations to impassioned startups, Ripple Animation has worked with all. Apart from creating regular explainer videos, Ripple Animation also specializes in TV commercials, and digital films. Surely a worthy addition to the best explainer video companies in India.


In a nutshell

Since the inception of digital marketing in India, there has been a drastic change in the areas of marketing. Informing, educating, and attracting customers have reached an all-time high by shifting the mode of marketing from physical to digital. Among all the other components of digital marketing, explainer videos are the ones that stand apart. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that in the artificial world of digital marketing, the explainer videos seem to breathe life into it.

The importance of an explainer video cannot be stressed enough. You are just one top-notch explainer video behind, from making your brand reach the heights of success! In pursuance of making your product or brand successful, it is crucially imperative to choose from the best explainer video companies in India.

This is where What A Story comes into play and with good reason. When you approach What A Story for your next explainer video, our job will begin by listening to your needs, understanding your goals, and addressing your queries.

We, at What A Story, will create a tailor-made explainer videos, which is bound to meet your satisfaction level. If in case, you feel the need to change, we will be more than happy to customize the video according to your further instructions.

Long story short, at What A Story, we will ensure to turn your frown into a smile upon delivering the final video to you. Contact us to get your video needs met expertly.

Always remember that an explainer video can either make or break your brand or product! Choose wisely from the explainer video companies, and grow!

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