From Boring to Brilliant: The 4 Types of Software Product Demo Videos with Examples.


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I'll show you the four most common types of product demo videos with examples so you will have some inspiration for your product demonstration video. These Hand-Picked software product demo video examples look great and work well, too!

1. Animated Product Demo Videos

Create visually stunning animated product demo videos using Product UI designs and motion graphics animation. These videos are perfect for showcasing software products that highlight their user interface, key features, and ease of use. Here are some cool product demos:

2. Live Shoot Product Demo Videos

Another type is the Live-Action Video, which shows the product in action in a real-life setting. These videos are great for demonstrating a product's actual use and benefits, giving potential customers a clear idea of what to expect.

3. Interactive Product Demo Videos

Once you impress the prospective customers, why don't you send them something they can explore without signing up or taking any trial? Interactive Product Demos are perfect for a ready-to-convert audience, as it takes some time to go through each screen and experience the product. Here is an example, but make sure you check this on a Desktop or Laptop:

4. Screencast Product Demo Videos

Running tight on budget? Then, screencast is the easiest way to make product demos. Use can use looks like or Vimeo Record to make product demos on the go. 

Overall, Software Product Demo Video is a great way to showcase a product's key features and benefits in an engaging and informative way. Whether it's an animated video, live-action video, interactive or screencast, these compelling product demo videos leave a lasting impression on potential customers and help the sales team convert leads into actual customers, thanks to fantastic video creators!

Hope you liked these product demonstration examples and that I'm able to help you with product demo video ideas. Now go and make a High-converting demo video for your Software!

How to Create a Product Video Demo?

- Write a brief outlining the goal of the video and details about the product, like the problem it solves, USPs etc;
- Choose between live-action and animation demo videos
- Write the Script and plan the Storyboard for your amazing product demo
- Start creating the video, which can involve multiple things depending on your choice and expectations. You can DIY or Hire Multiple Freelancers or Work with a product demo video maker company like us. :)

How long a Software Demo Video should be?

An amazing demo video should be short & clear. Anywhere between 1-3 minutes is ideal for a video demo. Based on my observation, Cool Product Demos focus on engagement and less worry about duration.

What are the benefits of App Demo Video?

Demo Videos help in many ways! It Increases conversion rate by enhancing Customer Experience and Customer Interaction with your website.
High-converting Demo Videos are super powerful in the Sales Funnel and Save everyone tons of time.
Also, create the first impression of your product and Boost Branding. There is no price for having a good impression, right?

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In a few words, "We understand SaaS Business, and we are passionate about Stunning Videos". 

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  1. Thank you for this informative article! I found it incredibly helpful to understand the different types of software product demo videos and how they can transform a potentially dull presentation into something truly engaging. The examples provided drove home the key concepts, and I particularly liked the breakdown of the four types (Explainer, Tutorial, Testimonial, and Live Demo). Choosing the correct type of demo video can significantly impact the success of a software product launch.