Explainer vs. How-to Videos: Which One Works Better?


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Ever stood at the crossroads of Explainer and How-to videos, scratching your head, and thinking which way to go? Yes, it's a common dilemma. But worry not! Keep reading to get some clarity on this.

Round 1: The Basics

Explainer videos are like that knowledgeable friend who gives you a quick overview of a complex subject, making it digestible. You know, the one that helped you pass organic chemistry? They're crystal-clear, focused and to the point.

On the other hand, How-to videos are your "DIY" buddy, always ready with a toolkit to show you how to fix your leaky faucet. They're hands-on, practical, and love to dive deep into the nitty-gritty of your SaaS product.

Round 2: The Purpose 

If your goal is to introduce a new product or generate curiosity while talking about your product value, explainer videos act like top-notch elevator pitches—perfect for creating that "Aha!" moment. They're like the Flash of the video world, quick and snappy, making the complex simple in no time at all.

But if you're trying to, say, teach someone how to use certain feature on your platform, a how-to video is your go-to. It's like Bob the Builder, always ready to roll up the sleeves and get into the action with step-by-step instructions.

Round 3: The Target Audience

When it comes to your audience, remember this—explainer videos are often like the opening act at a rock concert. They're there to pique interest, bring in the crowd, and get them warmed up. They're perfect for those who're just browsing or getting to know your product.

On the flip side, how-to videos are the main act. They cater to an audience who already have the tickets, know the lyrics, basically those who're ready to dive in. These are the people who already know about your product or service and want to dig deeper.

Round 4: The Style

Explainer videos thrive in the world of animations, illustrations, and metaphors. They’re like a Picasso painting, using motion graphics, illustrations, UI mockups, icons and abstract concepts to describe something concrete. They excel in painting a picture of the problem and presenting your product as the superhero solution.

How-to videos, however, are more about the sober reality. They're like a live cookery show, focusing on the actual stuff with a friendly host demonstrating each step. They’re all about showing the real deal, with no sugar coating—unless, you’re making a dessert video, of course!

Knockout Round: The Verdict

So folks, the moment of truth! Who wins this epic battle? 

Well, here's the twist. There's no victor or vanquished here. Much like Batman and Superman, both Explainer and How-to videos are superheroes in their own rights. 

So, instead of picking one over the other, embrace both! Use the right one at the right time and raise a toast to the power of videos!

Remember my friends, in the world of videos, variety is truly the spice of life. Now grab that spicy espresso shot and start making waves in the video world. Onwards and upwards!

Until next time, keep the reels rolling!

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