One Explainer Video that Encouraged 1.25 Million Engagements


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How one video helped a Saas to get over a million engagements on their campaigns.

Fronter is one of our most asked explainer videos. And why wouldn’t it be? It has been viewed by over 20k product owners in the last 3 years.

Loukman worked days and nights to reach the right audience for his tool.

But it is a tough market, and he knew it was about time he got an explainer video.

When he reached What a Story, we didn’t take long to understand the problem he was trying to solve and the market he was targeting.

Backed by the information he provided, we did our own research and, in a few weeks, put together one of the most demanded explainer videos EVER!

But we will give the credit where it is due. Without Loukman's feedback, we couldn’t have made this video the success it is today.

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Fronter Case Study: The Onboarding

Creative Brief

To create a great video, we need a great script.

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And as creators, we need to understand the product completely.

We asked the client to fill up a simple one-page creative brief.

And waited for his response.

The sad thing is some clients hesitate to fill up the creative brief.

They insist we watch the “meeting recordings.”

I always say, “we are humans. We can make mistakes.”

The initial stage of any creative work involves research. And there is just too much data everywhere.

Having a creative brief on our desks helps us centralize our research. And do an even better job with the production of the video.

Loukman, being a very cooperative client, aided us with the creative brief.

He explained everything in detail and even presented a demo of his product.

fronter case study creative brief


Once we have a completed creative brief on the table, R&D becomes a piece of cake for us.

Albeit it requires a lot of patience and serenity, we are good with it.

We researched our client’s competitors, market share, the kind of audience we were dealing with, and so forth.

We explored everything relevant for three days straight. We even configured their SaaS on our website and used it thoroughly (free bug reports for the client).

We asked our client for 6 weeks to complete the video.

(~30 business days)

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The Process

Scriptwriting (3 days)

Now with the knowledge of our client’s business, market, competition, and product, we started with the production.

We first sampled a script, which upon a couple of iterations and feedback, cemented the flow of the video.

Once approved, we quickly moved to the “Storyboarding” phase.

Storyboard (3 days)

In this stage, we explained the script visually to give our client a good idea of how the video will come out.

In our research, we determined people (the client’s audience) would resonate better with a few real footages, which our designers placed masterfully into the video.

The client loved the storyboard. He was getting a clear idea and had his expectations set (right from the beginning).

Visual Styles / Stylescape (4 days)

We gave Loukman (our client) various design variations to choose from.

We also created Custom UIs of the tool.

For most designers, it is a very long process (even without recursive feedback).

But with our robust and solid design processes, we ensure completed UIs in as little time as humanly possible.

The client loved our re-created UIs (who wouldn’t?)

Design board (8 days)

Loukman loved it. So we created the design for the rest of the storyboard.

The designboard included all the custom illustrations, icons, stock footage, and, best of all - custom UIs.

fronter_case_study_design_1fronter_case_study_design_2fronter_case_study_design_3fronter_case_study_design_7 fronter_case_study_design_4fronter_case_study_design_5fronter_case_study_design_6fronter_case_study_design_8

















Voice-over (no extra time)

While working on the design, we shortlisted various voice-over artists for our client to choose.

We shortlisted Katie, who has a voice that fits the video nicely (Energetic, Friendly, and Welcoming).

Animation (7 days)

Imagine giving a soul to inanimate design objects.

An animator is like a conjurer (but less creepy) who makes things alive!

Our animators made sure every animation was smooth and engaging.

After the animation, we did music and sound effects as usual.

After 25 days without sun, we completed the video.

(with 5 days still left)

The Delivery

On the 26th day, we delivered a crispy 60-second video.

Our client placed that video on their website.

They advertised the 30-second short version on Facebook, Google (and other platforms).

There’s no bragging (though we will do. We should do it!), but Loukman recovered his ROI within 15 days of the video release 🤯


  • The conversion rate on their website increased by 650%
  • 15k+ Organic Traffic (Unique Views) from Facebook and YouTube
  • Over 1 Million Advertisement Engagement
  • Got Featured on Pitchground.
  • Countless Revenue from Sales (we are not intrusive. Also, we are bad at counting views 😂)
  • 5-star review by many critiques and reviewers (Like Sendspark and Testimonial Hero)

Do you want a great experience like the rest of our clients?

Do you want to have THE explainer video for your product or company?

Do you want a brilliant MRR for your SaaS?

How about an impressive ROI?

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