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You have a great product! and now you are hunting for Top Packaging Design Companies in India.

Packaging design helps to leave the first impression of the product to the customers. It builds brand identity, brand awareness with increased visibility. Perfect packaging design must also abide with the rules formed by retailers, shipping services and government lawmakers.

Therefore, a professional designer and marketer from ‘Top Packaging Designing Companies’ can help you to create an appealing package design to promote the look of your product.

Here, we have listed you 5 top packaging design companies in India for your next product.



Litmus Branding

Litmus Branding is a marketing & advertising agency headquartered in Gujarat, India. Litmus Branding globally offers creative brand establishment and communication solutions for brands to connect with their consumers on both offline and online platforms for almost two decades.

Ratings: 5 Stars (Clutch, DesignRush)

Founded: 1999

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Specialties:  Strategic Brand Communication, Packaging Design, Corporate Identity, Branding Identity, Brochure Design, Logo Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Brand Strategy, and Brand Storytelling.



DesignerPeople is a brand & packaging design agency serving 1000+ satisfied clients for many years. With their creative designers, they have established themselves as the best design studio in India. DesignerPeople seeks to provide a wide range of services from brand development to effective digital marketing and innovative product packaging designs.

Ratings: 5 Stars (DesignRush, Clutch)

Founded: 2007

Headquarters: Faridabad, Haryana

Specialities: Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Branding, Business Promotion, Corporate Branding, Logo Design, Stationery Design, Design Solutions, SEO, PPC, SEM, Web Design, Website Development.



What a Story

What a Story is a creative agency aims to help entrepreneurs, brands & businesses to take their venture at the next level and building their visual communication more effective to increase the product sales.

We are experts in all the types of packaging design depending on the size and shape of the product and provide time-efficient, cost-efficient and unique packaging design for any product.

Ratings: Award Winning & 5 Stars (Google, DesignRush, Clutch).

Recently in the year 2019, ‘What a Story’ has been recognized as the top creative agency in India by Clutch and Best Packaging Design Company in India by DesignRush.

Founded: 2015

Offices: Hyderabad & Indore

Specialities: Logo Identity, Packaging Design, Photography, Printing Services, Marketing Collaterals, Explainer Videos, Ad films, Branding - Advertising, Website Design & Development.


Buttercup Advertising

Buttercup Advertising Studio is a brand consulting company based in Gujarat, India. Buttercup aims to provide the best of its designs for product packaging. They have a pool of trained designers who believe in understanding what your brand stands for through Media & Marketing Solutions.

Ratings: 5 Stars (Google, Clutch) 

Founded: 2015 

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Specialities: Logo design, Graphic design, Brochure design, Website design, Packaging design, Branding.


Whyletz Branding

Whyletz is a strategic branding agency and creative studio building brands people love. They provide all-in-one branding solutions for the companies, start-ups, organizations, and non-profits to establish their brand or take them into the next level.

Whyletz keeps expertise in delivering tailor-made solutions that help the brand grow. They offer services from conceptualization to marketing materials of a brand in whole.

Ratings: 4.5 Stars (DesignRush) 

Founded: 2011 

Headquarters: Kochi, Kerala

Specialities: Strategic Branding, Branding Design, Package Design, Web Design & Development, Retail Branding & Store Design, Brand Management & Consulting, Digital Media Marketing, and Social Media Marketing



The packaging designing companies listed above have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative & quantitative statistics and customer feedback. We will keep updating this listing as per new research & findings.

If you are looking to create attractive packaging designs for your products, then contact us today.


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