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If you are getting ready to have your logo designed, you may be thinking about How much does an average logo design cost?

We are sure you must be in a hunt of good logo designer or a design agency. We are sure that many times you must have come across super expensive logo designers. Or, you must have stalled a designer for a good amount of time, while hunting for another one, at last saying you can’t afford them at the end. We are sure, all of us reading this can relate to the situation. The whole ordeal of pricing a logo has become some sort of an art. It is a confusing dilemma for a client asking the rates around. Some will quote you as basic as $5 while others will be asking for $500 and even more than that.

So, how can the same logo be so different in price? How much an average logo design cost?

We are here to find that out for you!

Range of designers and their average logo design cost:

We can get into the debate of how a $5 logo is not the same as a $500 logo, but it will only turn complex. Hence, we have decided to make the explanation easy for you here. Lets put these different logo designers into three tiers according to their price ranges:

-          The Basic ($100 - $999)

-          The Professional ($1000 - $9999)

-          The Expert ($10000 – so on)

Before you start telling us that once you got your logo designed for $5 only, let us tell you one thing. A Fiverr logo or a logo that costs you $5 isn’t exactly a logo. It either takes inspiration from some other logo design or is plagiarized. There is no way, you are going to get lucky and find a logo that is the representation of your business in this sum.


The major difference in the tiers mentioned above lies in the designing process. You might not be trained enough to understand the hard work put in that differentiate them all, but the research, design strategies and expert eye are obviously different. Another reason here is the operating costs. A freelancer only needs a stable internet connection to design a logo. On the other hand, an agency has the entire team. Starting from the person who takes the brief to the second person who does the research to the third person who designs and lastly to the boss, who looks after and approve. There is an entire team. Nothing can beat the efforts of multiple trained people directed towards one task.

An average logo design cost also depends on the client. Apple will definitely have to pay a lot more than an ABC NGO for their logo. The profit Apple will be getting from an excellent logo and branding will be completely different than that of an NGO. It is only fair that a company that is making a million bucks from a logo pays a good amount to the agency designing it. Hence, the price varies as per how premium the client is.


Let’s break down the different value-based logo design process and understand the dynamics of pricing here. This quick graphic may help you to understand the average logo design cost and the difference between designers:

How much does an average logo design cost [2019]

The $100 Logo (Basic)

Forget the $5 gig. $100 is the least decent amount that you can pay to get an acceptable logo. Most of the designers belonging to developed countries charge this amount. For them, it might be an average sum of money, but it is definitely low as per the first-world standards. The designers we are talking about here, making their living out of it. Some of them are doing the freelance logo designing on a part-time basis, while the others are taking as much logo projects as they can. Hence, their total amount becomes sufficient for them to sustain. Just know that your logo is one among the many other they are working on a single day. We think you are wise enough to calculate the time and research being invested on your logo only.

For logo designing, research is the most essential thing. And, it is also the first thing to be compromised when you go for the cheap options. The designer has to take as much brand information from the client as possible and turn that into something, which can represent the business. It involves hours and hours of research, taking directions from the client and then making variations to choose from. Realistically speaking, all of this cannot be done in a few days only. So, if you go for this option, you know what you are getting yourself into.

The $1000 Logo (Professional)

For this amount, you can get a logo that truly represents your business and brand identity. A professional team can really churn out something that will be different than the other businesses, especially your competitors. The design process is almost the same as the experts, but here, the operating costs are what helps these professional teams or agencies offer you a comparatively lower price. These agencies also have teams of professionals that can provide you with the same quality as an expert agency. Though you might not get all the other deliverables the expert logo will get you.

This design process starts with research on the client’s business and the sector. Once done, the designer will make a design brief and mood board present what he is onto. If the client understands his ideas, the execution process begins in which he creates multiple design concepts to choose from. Based on the client’s preferences, the logos will be designed and redesigned, so the business can pick one that really intrigues it. After the specific design has been finalized, it will be tweaked and various colors will be presented. Agreeing on what you decide, brand guidelines will be made to move forward.

Depending on the changes and versions submitted, this entire process can take somewhere between 30 to 50 hours. See the amount of work being put in here? You can’t obviously compare it to the basic price you are paying to get the logo done. The efforts, efficiency, and hard work always come with a price tag.

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The Whopping $10,000 (Expert)

Most of the times, people wonder, who pays this much for a logo? Well, the multi-national organizations, corporations and the international brands you see being talked about so much do. It isn’t only a logo for them, but their reputation and brand philosophy are at stake too. It involves the same design procedure as the previous one. However, it has an entire team of designers, logo experts, researchers, and marketers. All of them coordinate to work on a logo that does not take inspiration from any logo in the world. The client’s logo will definitely be the one that stands out.

The research phase for these logos is extensive and intense. Since so many brains are at work, so many ideas and possible explanations on how the design should be are brought forward too. Sometimes, it may also involve the company’s target market’s survey or a little experiment to see if the idea they are working on is going to work or not. Most of the times, this logo also gives other company collaterals for free too. These types of logos are only designed by the proper design agencies and can take up to several months to be completed. How do you think Apple, Pepsi, Samsung or other brands got their logos? They had to invest money and time to be represented by design and logos that are still being discussed years into years.


In a nutshell, logo designing isn’t as simple or easy as you think it to be. I hope that now you understood an average logo design cost and difference. You have to be very vigilant about the freelancer, team or agency you are choosing to get your logo done from. Every agency or team has their own specialties, and you have to see if your company’s agenda is one of them or not.

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