Brands are talking. Are you listening? 2019 Trends


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In this era of enormous competition and a saturated marketplace, brands are talking to you, your parents, your children, your siblings, your friends, your grandparents, your grandchildren and so on.

Brands are talking. Are you listening? 2019 Trends

Wherever you go, space is cluttered with brands shouting about themselves to you. Some of them also whisper.

But aren’t there some brands that you will always remember?

You will always have “what they said” at the back of your mind.

Ever wondered why? Because these brands tell stories and not just that, they tell stories better than the others. They take a part of your life, merge it with their personality and create the perfect amalgamation of your interest and their well-being.

It works on a 3-step basis.

They hear you.

They think about themselves.

They come and talk to you about you.

And that’s exactly why you listen.

If you’re a marketer and are wondering how these brands do it? What is the code that they have cracked and you haven’t? Is there a special mantra?

Yes, certainly. We like to call it the Give and Take Mantra.

It’s like creating a scrumptious dish with what’s present in your kitchen and furthermore adding the garnishing you’ve been saving for days to please the guests visiting you.

There are some things that brands are first supposed to take from you, then they make a bigger story out of it and give it back to you with a grand start and an even grander end.

Brands And Storytelling

Brands are talking. Are you listening? 2019 Trends

You take insights from their life, gauge the experiences they have, figure out what they need, and combine them with what they feel.

Add what you’ve learned, something worthy for them to engage with, a voice they’ll hear and some visuals they would love to see.

In the end, you give them a story that will make them think, like and share.

In addition to getting the basics of storytelling right, there’s one more nut that you need to crack. Make sure that your story has a good beginning, an intriguing middle, and a kickass end.

We can take this back to the time when you were standing among your friends, telling them a story about how a stupid friend of yours fell down the college stairs.

Now the important thing to note here is establishing the fact that the friend is stupid is the prime requirement. Once you’ve set the pretext, now you can tell them how he got to the staircase and how funnily he fell down. In the end, you need to garnish the story with a hilarious punchline that tickles everybody’s stomachs.

That’s exactly how a brand tells a story.

Going back to some examples, do you recall the Paperboat ads where they first set the context for a flavor/incident coming from your own nostalgia? Then they tell you how the brand visions at bringing it back to you, and then they go away giving you a story to remember and action you immediately want to take.

Another example could be a new television commercial that you would have watched on the TV or on your phones while scrolling down your Facebook feed. The Samsung Galaxy A7 ad where they set the context of a couple doing PDA among a group of fun-loving and notorious friends. They further add a twist to the story which is aided by the phone’s new feature. And then leave you with an urge of buying and owning the phone to have such fun experiences for yourself.

And all this in a matter of some seconds. That’s the art of storytelling that is taking brands from where they are to where they want to be.

Taking all of these points into consideration, we at 'What a Story' create stories and make you go wow!


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