10 Education Sector Explainer Videos That Will Blow Your Mind!


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If you reached here, you probably already know about all the wonderful advantages of explainer videos for reaching audiences, promoting products, and effectively communicating a captivating message. But before you begin producing your own assets, I advise watching some of the greatest education sector explainer videos available to understand how other education institutes have approached producing them.

Here are the Top 10 Education Sector Explainer Video:

1. Google for Education

Products that fuel education in order for every student and teacher to reach their full potential, Google for Education products change teaching and learning. It is an online platform that provides Chromebooks to people in order to promote teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking. The plot jumps right into the issue and employs an effective analogy to explain the wider picture to the audience. At this time, they are aware of the benefits of Google education as a potential remedy.

2. Microsoft Office 365 - Collaboration using Microsoft Whiteboard

We know that this video animation is simple, but that's exactly what we love about it. This video created by the Microsoft team is a perfect example of how an explainer video should be. This 30 second clip highlights the benefits of Microsoft Whiteboard, using awesome characters and animals to demonstrate its use.

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3. Codio

Codio is a digital learning platform for computer programming that is now used by numerous schools, colleges, and institutes throughout the world. It is not just any teaching platform. Additionally, the platform provides helpful tools for auto grading, learning management systems, and curriculum design. 2D animated graphics are used in this lively explainer video to draw viewers in and outline the platform's advantages.

4. Oxbridge Educational Explainer Video

Oxbridge Home Learning is a web-based learning platform that offers top-quality distance education at flexible costs. It is included in this list of the top 10 educational explainer video examples. Distance learning students have open access to a tutor who may offer guidance and experience to help them overcome any difficulties they may be encountering.

5. MasterClass

MasterClass is the streaming platform where anyone can learn from the world’s best. With an annual membership, subscribers get unlimited access to instructors and classes across a wide range of subjects. Stream thousands of lessons anywhere, anytime, on mobile, desktop, and TV.

6. IQarena

Iqarena is an all-encompassing program for competitive exam preparation that offers online tests in every subject area. A prepared voice-over and straightforward but attractive 3D animation are used to describe the problem and provide the audience with a solution.

7. Chat Class

ChatClass is an Edtech founded in New York that helps companies educate employees and customers through Conversational Learning. This explainer video use nice soft colors, seamless transitions, and a composed voice-over to explain the issue and offer a solution to the audience. The video directly addresses its target audiences (teachers and parents) in the first few sentences to grab their attention.

8. New Vision

This movie serves as an excellent example of a conference video since it blends an approach that is focused on typography with a simple visual style. For the education sector, there ought to be more instances of conference videos like this one. The use of primary colors and simple designs significantly aids in forging a cognitive link between the brand and the consumer.

9. Dishthi

Dishthi is a ground-breaking guided learning platform that fosters self-learning by establishing an environment that is both progressive and adaptive. This video is an excellent illustration of how the proper explainer video animation can effectively and entertainingly deliver the topic.

10. Techmentry

It's astonishing how rapidly online education has assimilated into our daily lives, but do we talk enough about its drawbacks? The lack of connections, the knowledge gap, or even the costs? Techmentry, however, has a unique design. Their coding platform combines a creative, user-friendly, and tried-and-true pedagogy for holistic growth. This explainer film appeals to young brains and emphasizes the advantages with attractive graphics by utilizing brilliant colors and straightforward animation.


Using explainer video, you could leave a lasting impact on your audience. You have learned that education and learning are the two most important components of development from this comprehensive guide to the top 10 educational explainer video examples. These engaging movies can be used anywhere, Utilize them to your benefit.

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