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Most people misunderstand corporate videos. They either don’t know the purpose of a corporate video or simply underestimate its value.

So let me clear the concept of corporate video for you before diving straight into the pool of the best seven corporate video production agencies in India.

The What and the Why

Corporate video, as most believe is a “company video”. It shows the principles, cultures, values, and so on and so forth of a corporation.

Guess what? It’s much more than that.

According to Wikipedia, “Corporate video refers to any type of non-advertisement based video content created for and commissioned by a business.”

Corporate videos have many goals, and advertisement is not one of them.

With a decent corporate video, you can attract your selling demographic, educate your internal team, put forth a company statement, impress shareholders, stand out in events, promote something new and even attract talent to work for your company.

We’ve been working tirelessly to produce groundbreaking business videos for businesses all around India. And we know the value such videos can bring.

Top 7 Corporate Video Production Companies in Hyderabad

Today, we present the best corporate video agencies in Hyderabad that accentuated the image for several businesses and corporations all over the Hindustan.

1. What a Story 

The leading video production company in India.

They use bleeding edge technologies for their Live-shoots include Red - Arri, modern lightnings, industrial camera dollies, and even cinema-grade drones.

One of the best things about What a Story is their experience and specialization in attending corporate leaders, employees, and managers.

With their super-friendly support, your team will feel at ease and go home with a gigantic smile on their faces.

What a Story values your time, and create a production layout based on YOUR availability.

You don’t even have to worry about deadlines – thanks to preparations and pre-production work from a hard-working support crew.

Their Major Clients:

  • Cyient
  • Arc Group
  • HCL
  • Landis+Gyr
  • MakeMyTrip

Price starts from ₹2 Lacs

Clutch Ratings: 5/5 (28 reviews)

Company Age: 7 years

Location: Gachibowli

Team Size: 30+

2. Raasta Studios

Raasta is a team of visionaries, and their entire game is storytelling.

They are highly capable to create live-shoot videos including corporate shoots, TV advertisements, and even independent films.

They have an in-house production team of DOPs, on-set engineers, and film photographers.

They generally outsource the animation work, but their shoot quality is on par with major players in the country.

Major Clients:

  • Plum
  • Neeman
  • Sugar
  • Dr. Reddy

Price starts from ₹5 Lacs

Clutch Ratings: Unrated

Company Age: 8 years

Location: Gachibowli

Team Size: 25

3. PAD Integrated Communications

They are quite popular in the crowd.

PAD Agency offers advertisement solutions alongside videos, at a monthly recurring cost.

They strive to provide an all-around solution when it comes to videos.

You can visit their website and decide if they fit your requirements and expectations.

Pricing starts from ₹8 Lacs

Clutch Ratings: Unrated

Company Age: 5 years

Location: Jubilee Hills

Team Size: 10+

4. Chitralekha Studios

Chitralekha Studios is one of the oldest video production companies in India. They began producing videos in the era most people in India didn’t even have a TV!

They are specialized in cultural videos and have produced tremendous numbers of videos (including corporate ads) for television. 

They are kind of old school when it comes to sharing their work. So you would have to visit their YouTube channel to see what has got their feet wet. Here is the link for you.

Major Clients:

  • ETV Eetime
  • Priya Oil
  • Karimnagar Dairy

Price starts from ₹85,000

Clutch Ratings: Unrated

Company Age: 31 years

Location: Banjara Hills

Team Size: Not Disclosed

5. Namesake Productions

Started as a branding business (What’s in the name), Namesake Productions has made quite a name for themselves.

I had a hard time reading so much irrelevant text on their website (ironic for a ‘video’ production company).

Clearly messaging or copywriting is not their forte.

But Namesake’s portfolio definitely helped them get a spot on this list.

Major Clients:

  • Labonel
  • Ubuntu
  • Elevate X
  • Botanic Healthcare

Price starts from ₹2 Lacs

Clutch Ratings: Unrated

Company Age: 10 years

Location: Banjara Hills

Team Size: Mostly Outsourced

6. Cine Dreams

Cine Dreams is a group of technical crew specialized in camera work.

They are responsible for the production of many television commercials, independent movies, and what not.

If you wish to take on the direction in your own hands and have in-house staff to handle the post-production, you can hire Cine Dreams for your corporate shoots.

Quick disclaimer: the source of the above video is not their channel. We found it on their website.

Pricing starts from ₹30,000

Clutch Ratings: Unrated

Company Age: 18 years

Location: Banjara Hills

Team Size: Not Disclosed

Do you know

What a Story is the only company in this list that adapts with your company culture and work environment closely. 

This results in premium-quality videos, preserving your precious time and resources.

Moreover, What a Story also provides scriptwriting, screenplays, and complete direction to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for your executives, managers, and staff.

We live in Hyderabad and know pretty much every video production company in the city. That being said, we tried our best to create a non-biased compilation. But feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns or remarks.

Get a free non-sales consultation with experts (including me) and kickstart fantastic corporate videos for your company.

Rees Gargi
I am a SaaS Strategist, Video Producer and a Copywriter. I have a knack for storytelling and creativity. Using tech as an advantage for over a decade.

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